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1/3/2013 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - Colorado unemployment account locked 1/7/13
Please tell me if this has happened to you and what the best action is! I typed my pin # in wrong while trying to claim last Sunday and my account was locked. I've been on hold for the majority of TWO days now (by the way, some of the 1-800 numbers listed on the unemployment website are out of order - cute). Has anybody had this happen....and has anybody actually spoken to a live person via phone??

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10/9/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - My initial benefit dollars ran out and I had to
My initial benefit dollars ran out and I had to reapply to get into the first tier of emergency UI benefits. I’ve been told this can take several weeks to process. Why? Once the money for the initial claim runs out and the claimant continues to file for benefits using the cubline, why should there be any gap in payments? I’ve been trying all day to get through on the phone but of course it’s not happening. The last person to post said that things would be much better if UI was handled by a private business rather than the government. I don’t think it would matter because it would just be a monopoly. Why would a business care about your satisfaction if there’s no threat of losing your business to another company? Also, the funds could, and probably would be mishandled by executives and they’d announce that the company has filed for bankruptcy and all current and future claims have been suspended until further notice. The problem is that NOBODY CARES about us or our problems! Bombarding the governor’s voicemail with complaints will do absolutely no good. If anyone does listen to the messages, they keep their finger on the delete message button and once they hear anything about unemployment benefits, that button is pushed and your message goes unheard. Others have mentioned picketing. Has picketing ever created change? Remember the occupy movement? Millions of people protesting the way this country is being run by corporations and what changes were made? None. The protesters were called lazy idiots. Many of them were arrested for peacefully demonstrating which is supposedly their right under the first amendment. You’ve lost your job and because your UI benefits haven’t started paying yet, you’re going to lose your car, the roof over your head and everything you own? The people in power who are being paid quite well to run these benefits DO NOT CARE!! Their families are not going hungry. Their Mercedes-Benz in the garage is paid for. The only way change is EVER going to come about is if we start taking AGGRESSIVE ACTION! MAKE THEM CARE!

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9/18/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - Still the same old same old. I read comments that
Still the same old same old. I read comments that were left above an as of September 17, 2012 nothing has changed. Calling phone numbers to get questions answered is an all day affair. And instead of getting questions answered they leave you with more questions. If the UE offices here in CO were a private business they would not be in business long. I have worked in customer service for over thirty years and the UE offices in CO are extremely bad. I ran out of regular state benefits on July 7, 2012. I applied for EUC at the end of my reporting week of July 15, 2012. I went to EUC classes and filled out all necessary steps and they made copies of my job contacts. They told me at that time I would recieve payment in about 4-6weeks. I have called to see what the hold up was after 8 weeks and after 10 weeks, up to 10 hours of total wait time for the two calls. First call I was told I should recieve payment in two weeks. Second call same thing in about two weeks. I have gone 11 weeks without payment, loosing apartment, credit, car, and no money for food. Sure glad computers are expediting the things that used to take so long by filling out paper work. Maybe the state of CO should buy some computers so 4-6 weeks means 4-6weeks. Not 11, 12, 13 weeks and who knows how long it will really be?

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8/29/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - I need some information on restarting a claim and
I need some information on restarting a claim and also having medical restrictions on what type of jobs I was told by my doctor to steer clear of. Each time I dial the number shown above I get a message to call another number ending in 9000 which, when I dial that number says it's been changed or is no longer in service. HELP!! Is there another number? K

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8/20/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - Its near impossible to get through to a
Its near impossible to get through to a representative, I had to call non stop for almost an hour until i finally was able to get on hold. I would gladly wait the 120 minutes as long as I can get someone on the phone. The online automated system only allowed me to apply for one week of payments I have bills to pay!

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7/30/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - Tree: did you try calling the 8020 extension and
Tree: did you try calling the 8020 extension and leave a detailed message? Unfortunately, you won't hear back from anyone for about 10 to 15 days, but it beats wasting an afternoon of international cell phone minutes for an answer. We shouldn't have to go through this at all. Best of luck.

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7/27/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - I was on hold for 4 hours yesterday and no one
I was on hold for 4 hours yesterday and no one answered. I was calling from Germany, so this was extremely pricey. I have no idea of who else to call....any suggestions?

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7/16/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - Hello everyone, Another down, I like everyone else
Hello everyone,

Another down, I like everyone else called the line and would get the message that all customer service agents are with someone else. I finally got through today, after waiting two hours and 45 minutes. I called because one of the workers input the wrong information on my account. I finally got to dispute the information. I was told that I had filed the wrong claim and that she would have to take my statement and then do some fact finding and then the information would have to go to another committee and then processed from there. You know what that means(rolling eyes). They expect you to meet certain criteria to get this money for which we have worked hard for and in a time of desperate need we are unable to get anything expeditiously in return. This system seriously needs an overhaul. Reviews should be done in 30 days or less, or like a couple of writers have suggested, give us a job and let us help them so that things move expeditiously.

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6/21/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - same as everyone else..what is going on? we need
same as everyone else..what is going on? we need help finally got thru put on hold for 3 hrs ..told they are at least 8 wks behind ! thats 12 wks 3 months without money ..i called governers office ..havent heard back how can you get a job without gas or food,,,

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6/14/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - Hi everyone,Same problems as everyone else. I was
Hi everyone,
Same problems as everyone else. I was supposed to get benefits on 5/19/12 and still nothing. For me, I couldn't even get into the customer service queue. Here's a trick for me that worked, if anyone else was having trouble. There are actually two messaging systems that answer. One is the self service menu and the other is the customer service menu. If you get the self service menu hang up immediately and try again. The customer service line will prompt for a language. Once you choose, just let the menu go through and say "more options". Let that menu play out as well and say "speak to a representative". Now it's just been a waiting game for me for someone to pick up. I've at least been able to get to the queue every time now. I hope that helps. Good luck everyone.

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6/14/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - unemployement office is a joke. you cant get
unemployement office is a joke. you cant get through their numbers, and i have tried to go to the unemployement office and just like many others you cant in. they messed up claim and used the wrong employer and made me file an appeal. After waiting 8 weeks for an answer on the appeal, I was told someone there inputted it wrong and it was being sent back to be reprocessed and would take another 6 weeks. After reprocess the person used the wrong employer AGAIN, and it has to be reprocessed again. I have been waiting 15 weeks with no money, cant get through on the phone. Worthless!

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6/13/2012 Unemployment Colorado Phone Number - So has anybody received any payment before the 10
So has anybody received any payment before the 10 week date given??? I called last week Thursday to be on hold for 3 hours to just be told that I won't receive anything until July 26th is this true... How do they expect us to survive???

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