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Unicel (Now Part of ATT Wireless) Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Unicel Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

Vermont & New York: 1-800-215-7004
Washington state: 1-800-385-5645

Phone Number

1-800-215-7004Review Needed Please Comment


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4/12/2011 Unicel Phone Number - We were moved from CellOne to Alltel to Unicel.
We were moved from CellOne to Alltel to Unicel. Cellone and Alltel Customer Service corrected problems; Unicel is another story! It took 3 months to correct billing errors at the transition... then, after 2 yrs, they increased our billing amount and we have been trying to correct it ever since to no avail. No new contracts were signed, no new phones were given out. I have mailed, emailed and called giving the amounts we were to be charged... they don't care. They do nothing. We have 2 business phones and 1 home phone with them.... for now. Kids and family have moved on to differant companies because of this problem.

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