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1-800-297-1023 Press 0# repeatedly. No call-back after hours.


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12/7/2015 Uniden customer service stinks! everyone here is right
you're right their customer service stinks! I too will probably be buying another brand, after all it's the customer that keeps them in business!

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2/10/2015 I bought a Uniden D1780 phone less than1 year ago
I bought a Uniden D1780 phone less than1 year ago and it has only worked for a few minutes at a time (not even 5 minutes now); the battery apparently does not keep its charge very long although it is quite new. Can you send me another battery? Thank you

Noe Read More
8/13/2014 Uniden - No service centers around
No service centers around

nog-nog Read More
6/9/2014 Uniden - Customer service stinks.Cannot get through on
Customer service stinks.
Cannot get through on the numerous phones they have listed. have phibnes and scanners.
I will be looking for another company to buy from.

redhead Read More
3/6/2014 Unable to get thru to Uniden by phone
unable to get thru to uniden by phone. have tried fixing my problem with manual cannot not find appropriate website for problem. last 2 fons have been uniden. i'm disgusted hat i've spent so much time on hold these last 2 days. i'm going in to buy a new fon today and it will never again be a uniden based on your LACK of customer service. you have 1 hr to call me!

l Read More
2/27/2014 Uniden - Bearcat BCD 996XT Police Scanner and I need help
I bought the Bearcat BCD 996XT Police Scanner a week ago. I am 65 and am not scanner savvy. I bought it from the local Radio Shack Store. They said they could not program it in for me because they didn't have the program so they redirected me to another Radio Shack in a town 25 miles away whom they said could help me. I went to that store and they said they could program in a couple frequencies that they had but that was it. I would like to know how I can get this thing programed in so I can enjoy it. Its a shame to pay this big money and not be able to use it. I know nothing of the new technology. I had a Bearcat scanner years ago in fact I still have it but was told it was no good because it was not digital. Please help me find someone who program. I already paid 500 for the machine, 5 dollars to get what little programming I got from the Radio Shack and don't plan on paying a small fortune to get it done and have no clue how to do it and got no user manual or guide to show me what the knobs etc. are for . Thank You. Kathleen Meni,

Kathy Read More
11/10/2013 Uniden - I need to find a repair tech near Barrie Ontario.
I need to find a repair tech near Barrie Ontario. I have a 396T scanner which has stopped working. It is 8 years old and I would like to get it fixed.

Bill Read More
11/2/2011 Uniden - I need to find a repair tech, Near Leduc Alberta,
I need to find a repair tech, Near Leduc Alberta, near Edmonton. Could u please help me?
I enjoy my trunk tracker lll BCT15. The static on the scanner is so bad I cannot hear anything. I took into Source, they sent it out and it came back saying they couldn't find the part. It is only 3 years old.
Thanks Kathy

Kathy Read More
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