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12/22/2013 UPS Ground Tracking - How about "no stars". I have had MyUPS
How about "no stars". I have had MyUPS for some time, now. When there is no stress on the shipping system, it works well. It doesn't work with extenuating circumstances, IE: Texas weather in concert with Christmas. I purchased a microwave from, to be shipped by UPS, was notified by UPS it was to be delivered on December 18, 2013, between 1 and 5 PM. Great! I schedule the time off to meet the shipment, since, I've been told by the local UPS agent that the delivery person is responsible for deliveries, and are charged if something goes missing. Don't want that. No delivery. I did get an exception notice, 9:43 PM, that night. I got another notice stating
on December 20, 2013, I would have my shipment "by the end of the day". Does anyone know what that means? Another day off waiting and no microwave, then an exception notice arrives sometime around 6 AM the next morning. There has been a lot of chatter on the local news about how UPS has staffed up (3500 people from the website) to handle the backlog, they are even using U-haul trucks, and making Saturday deliveries! I have chatted with both and UPS about this. UPS is not helpful, at all. only marginally better. I even enlisted the credit card company for help. They made a call on my behalf, and said it would be delivered, yesterday. No microwave, but I did get another exception notice for a delivery on the 23rd, at the nebulous "end of the day", this morning at 6:04 AM. I can handle unacceptable news if it is delivered in a timely manner. Since, the notices are not delivered in a timely manner, and nor has the microwave, I have wasted an awful lot of time hanging around my house. I like, most everyone else, can't do that, especially this time of year. UPS' behavior has been unprofessional, unexpected, and disappointing. And costly.

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