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4/11/2014 UPS International - If you are shipping an international package
If you are shipping an international package through UPS and you need help filling out the commercial invoice or EEI form, do NOT call customer service for assistance. We wasted two days trying to find someone who could answer our questions regarding the EEI form that we needed to fill out for our shipment. I called UPS' international customer service department 7 times in two days and everyone over the phone said that we would need to speak with the US Department of Commerce to get our questions answered. I tried calling them multiple times and of course never received a call back from them. However I then tried to reach out to UPS customer service through the online chat feature they provide when you are filling out your forms online. We had been working over 12 hours trying to find out the answers we needed to correctly fill out our shipping forms, the rep I chatted with through the UPS chat answered all of my questions in under 15 minutes and we were finally able to get our package shipped out shortly after. We wasted almost two days of time with their phone reps who didn't even know how to fill out the forms on their own website. My advice when shipping internationally through UPS and you have any questions about your required forms, do the online chat, don't waste time calling in, they know absolutely nothing.

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