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12/19/2015 US FBI - You show how little the FBI spends on taxpayers
You show how little the FBI spends on taxpayers problems. If only the government employees could the job they are being paid very well for this country would have less problems

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7/6/2011 US FBI - Same email about 800,000.00 with mention of David
Same email about 800,000.00 with mention of David Hanson and FBI Director Robert Mueller

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6/28/2011 US FBI - Nothing has change nothing getting better to be
Nothing has change nothing getting better to be made into a criminal for the disability CVIDS Low rare incident health disability and the Educational corporation FAPE and all the partnerships for a hate crimes to be genorated and created to get rid of the weak. To capitalize on making mental behavioral to be the front of the educational corporation said to be the free appropriate public education As CPS/PD made the PAL the student handbook to erase disabilities for those with to not be considered to be a parent but to be degraded to be the juvenile delinquent as the public not informed what the many states have been allowed to do. The most basic expensive job/s to be invented and to not even be allowed an Attorney the Attorney's part of the corporations take over of the public and the rights of the persons with. To be the one victimized for having the disability CVIDS and for my own children to have this too. Of course this covered up because the police need jobs and job security. Came to me in the year 2008 said thank you for saving jobs for the big wigs who decided to do the secret voting said to be the children' coalition. To make the children with disabilities into the many states school district victims. To Dole out black label drugs psycotic drugs to even little children. The goal of the system its not systems has been to do the brain washing of even little children. As all who did the economic FAPE economic profiling hate crimes paid bank to be allowed to do the biggest hate crime of all timelines and here I am cannot get legal counsel because I was thrown away for a profits. Paychecks, Pensions, and a profit for all the ones with a disability to be set up for punishment and disapline to. To be drugged and routed for incarceration to be said to be enferior to not be considered to even be a person to be told your life over with you do not count anymore. To steal name signature Identity to steal a labeled non persons family. What family if you are the defect the police created the student handbook and make it illegal to have sexual intercourse too. To find out the police took over Medical mental and education To find out just how much the corporations and the partnerships wanted to label every man women child as the States criminal. The IDEA stated 2008 the states in the red so your just crazy instead. To use the education code SED EC under education it means no accountability no assurances no responsibility and once the education because mental behavioral that is all you get. Legal is not what it is and to find out the media has known all about. This manipulations to even tamper with voting rights. For a selected few to set themselves up to be better than all others. For the judicial system to be corupted as even the grand jury did it too. To not be allowed to tell or fix. To not be allowed legal counsel either what it feels like to know the truth about and not be allowed to even make it known to the public for everyone to be uneducated to be made fun of and to be laughed at too. To be told all you want to do is to hurt everyone else except not one of them say what did we do to the Victims. The first ones to die are the ones caused with intent to be incarcerated in a mental behavioral jail. For the Doctors to be the jailors. the judges and to put the Victims onto trial via a mental ward. The Doctors like the power too. So the Doctors more powerful than anyone on the face of this earth because the doctors are suppose to be trusted. Just call disability rights and be asked do you not trust the assigned Doctor. As if one can trust a Doctor that put a $ value on life itself. One has to be able to pay for even if you cannot work to meet this goal established without exception too. Its never going to be fixed its never going to be allowed. Everyone with any and all type disabilities listed on the selected Death hit lists of the educational corporations I would know all about because I am the victim of the states employee network as the employees bailed themselves out first. The federal governmentalization did indeed bail the corporations out first. How did the Corporations bail the corporations out without any money. Where did the money come from? I myself would never go do the mental incarcerations knowing what they are and have been allowed to do to Society. The Corporations protected as the Victims thrown away with intent to do personal injuries and the long timelines allowed of brutality inhumanity and no one cares about as long as they get the money no ethics no way to protect ones self at all. As so many put the blinders on at least til it does indeed happen to themself . Than is is too late because they took the money genorated created and once this done no turning back. To know no equality will ever exist to know the disability ratio so much higher. To know so many think their actions ethical when its a hate crimes against society and even against the corporations children. To own persons like endentured slaves. To reinvent slavery prejudice discrimination to be allowed to use Public education FAPE to cover it all up. I was informed thirty years so now it forty years or better. This so unamerican not the american dream. I would continue to try to find a way to fix but alone I will never be allowed to do this too. I found out my death pre planned I found out just half the medications for CVIDS allowed To say some is better than none except it was not enough to stave of the all the life threatening infections. What is so great about being routed to mental behavioral incarcerations to be the police systems labeled piece of incarcerated property. 2008 the police said to me after I lost everything to be positive and I said about what? My children have this too. No past family connected connections. So where did it come from? Generational social pathic Social murder to cover up my death and the death pre arranged for my orphan children. My children have no clue what was allowed and have given up about I myself will never give up this is not part of my nature although I truly wish it was over and I know it never will be. To allow an educational corporations to take all said choice than to pretend they have nothing to do with it too. Except not one place has jurisdiction over the criminal correctional school district corporations as the courts even working to do the hate crimes too. For the School district to order I die for all of them. To use the IEP and the meetings as the tribunal and put onto the corporations trial without knowing why they all hated me with such a passion. So since the FAPE erased my kids have too. My kids by the way said to be foster kids and never to be mine either so why was I put onto trial and told to protect myself and my children. The corporations employees made bank! Not for education but to devert all profits back to themselves. No place for me I was given the hallway thirty years of treats doled out too. To be afraid for my life to be afraid what the FAPE the big wigs will and did to my children too. The teachers get to have the child drugged and the teacher gets to do the corporations secret case management. To be still not able to fix to never be free to know one thing I am going to die. I am going to die anyway they all said and than they say everyone dies. Just as excuses to carry out the extermination to order me to take the elementry Social skills class too. As if this will make it better and in this lame situations disallowed to speak or to speak the truth about. No one wants to know the truth of what the voted to do to the likes of me and mine. Foster parent without telling me why and this done in advance I am just the breeder for free genie pig specimens for the multible sectors to have more meal tickets to abuse. To say what you thought you are worth something what you thought you counted. A doctor said to me if you get money via the wrong doing what are you going to go buy more medical care. This doctor not my doctor either so I said what does it matter what I do the end results is I am gonna die and this my fate as the states attorney said your cross to bare. To carry such hurt to be so sad to find out how it was decided I would never be just like everyone else To show me how hatred created how it was decided to get rid of the weak. Incarcerations to go without to be yelled at to be called a juvenile delinquent without merit to even be allowed to do this. The CPS could care less about the children with disabililities they operated the hate crime without caring about my death expidited my death pre planned my death pre established and I have no way to stop what done to me so it does not ever happen again. It will happen because I was told about another this allowed to happen I was told its been going on for the last thirty years bet its longer than this too. To be the Corporations disinfranchised piece of property. To be ordered to prove to find out the system all states has known about since my discharge I had good ratings this until the disability found I of course never told about anything to over nite become a zero. This of course without any explinations. To be written of and to be told we have you grave already dug for you. To be routed to mental behavioral to be parked to send others after me too. To be ordered to fraud the federal government as the state said the federal government did experimentation first so we can too. I will never be happy never enjoy life I will always know what was allowed what was done to remember all the faces their that showed such hatred just because I could not work. To give me a USN discharge that did indeed destroy my entire life what life to be dead this is what I am dead zero means the same thing for all sectors to make a profit I will never quit mourning to know the truth about what was premeditated to do the extermination again of persons with disabilities. One type of disability mental behavioral nothing else. To say CVIDS not a disability and to erase disabilities to pretend the disability fixed and a cure given when nothing was done just to erase the non person and to erase why the person a non person too. Stop the brain washing and let persons have that education without no one will suvive

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6/19/2011 US FBI - We just received and email that said we win the
We just received and email that said we win the lotto in Nigeria in the amount of $800,000.00 and it is sign by the FBI director this is the email were we have to reply with our information .

The total amount for everything is $485.00 (Four Hundred and Eighty Five-US Dollars). We have tried our possible best to indicate that this $485.00 should be deducted from your winning prize but we found out that the funds have already been deposited at Bank Of America and cannot be accessed by anyone apart from you, the winner; therefore you will be required to pay the required fee's to the Agent in-charge of this transaction via Western Union Money Transfer Or In order to proceed with this transaction, you will be required to contact the agent in-charge ( DAVID HANSON ) via e-mail. Kindly look below to find appropriate contact information:



You will be required to e-mail him with the following information:


You will also be required to request Western Union details on how to send the required $485.00 in order to immediately ship your prize of $800,000.00 USD via Certified Cashier's Check drawn from Bank Of America, also include the following transaction code in order for him to immediately identify this transaction : EA2948-910.

This letter will serve as proof that the Federal Bureau Of Investigation is authorizing you to pay the required $485.00 ONLY to Mr. David Hanson via information in which he shall send to you, if you do not receive your winning prize of $800,000.00 we shall be held responsible for the loss and this shall invite a penalty of $3,000 which will be made PAYABLE ONLY to you (The Winner).

Please find below an authorized signature which has been signed by the FBI Director- Robert Mueller, also below is the FBI

FBI Director
Robert Mueller.
NSB Seal

Can you please let me know what is this about.

Thanks Angel

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5/27/2011 US FBI - Hi, I have just received an email saying that I've
Hi, I have just received an email saying that I've won 800 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!....overseas :-(....and it's been sighned by the FBI director. If this is a scam, sick joke by the way, I'd like to forward you all the email so this can be stopped.


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5/19/2011 US FBI - I want to be told why for thirty years I was made
I want to be told why for thirty years I was made into the states CPS incarcerated labeled criminal this is what the state of California via the local educational corporation and all the doctors did to me to say the words retardation syndrome disorder to route the disability to a mental ward for all to say to do what ever they wanted to me too. To make me prove my children have merely to stamp retracted the state CPS and the DSHS and all sectors connected did in fact make me into a label criminal to give me false histories to put me onto their hate crimes said to be a trial when I told the VA not the VA but the states mental behavioral incarcerations you are the states listed mental instead of the real disability this of couse well hidden and never used as I the honorably discharged veteran women put onto al the sectors various ways of doing a kangeroo court process trial I can have Civil rights because I was made into a juvenile delinquent criminal with this also being a false histories too. To be told to go to Mental behavioral to tell them what they did to me and cost me too. The HMO said to me you will have nothing left by the timeline we are all done with you. I never broke any laws just born I guess without an immune system to fight off infections I gave this to my children too. I fear that the many employees who hated me did the greatest of insults to personal injuries took me and my foster children the civilians made me a foster parent to my own children so I the one who never committed a crime entered into the juvenile court system as a child of the state. All this done without my knowlegde too to try to clear up my name signature Identity an impossiblity I am not considered to be of any value. I did report the SED EC the pervasive labeling being used and the ones not considered to be educatable so what you get is jail or a mental ward for them to be hence forth allowed to use thier methods of psycotic drugs to use the Educational corporation to make the money using the Students parents and the family to be the states labeled one of them as they get to make you into a States criminal for the 12 step drug addict program. This is the only education in the state of California for all the ones they decided to list as just retardations of zero value. I had thought to one day be able to work but the lack of medical care took its toll on me. I know they have thier secret society said to be the childrens coalition. All the Doctors wanted me routed to mental behavioral 12 step drug addict you now parked with out any medical allowed because you are now the made into the criminal corporations medi cal # so they can and all did their secret case management all sectors all places not a place safe for me and no way to fix what the system did to me. I am not crazy nor did I ever say I was the States businesses even the ones not American Citizen's allowed to vote to call all the person's with a disability just Crazy instead of truth about. For the School district corporations to make a profit bilking the medi cal # and fake education for all persons with a disbility. I would work if they had not made me so sick that now I can feel the CVID coming to finish the job on me. My life was wasted tring to prove my children have the disability too. I never could and never will understand why I was purposely made into a criminal for the low rare incident health disabiltiy. I can not get any assistance because the state bar association and the police did their PAL book for student rights to not have gone to School in this state to now be said to be the states criminal corporations property. Not a person but the disinfranchised corporations DSHS/CPS I believe they expidited my decline and since my death pre arranged pre meditated pre established so shall they do to my children too. Ken Ferro wrote I said the Word Conspiracy all the information they did to me is public knowlegde the use of the state SED EC was not just for education. It was used to destroy my life to make me the states criminal corporations by product to use the medi cal# to give the money they did so claim to others. I am a Veteran of the USN when I got out it was to find out what was medically wrong. I found out they have known about for over three decades about the CVID and other medical issues now so much worse I will never be able to work. To put me onto the CPS trial so they the States take over of the judical system to make person said to be crazy who are not. I was told if I tell what they did the Doctors could kill me if I ever need surgery. I was attacked by the ones in the 12 step drug addict program they told the ones who went to the mental behavioral for drug issues that I was going to destroy their program. It was also said you now back with you own kind. What is my kind no place for me the outcast of society the one they came after non stop took my children years in advance than when I got to sick dying they put me onto the CPS trial to take my children ( foster children form me again) My own children not mine so why did they put me onto trial to do it all over again for the layers of dupicate billings to make the money for them to call me a drunk drug addict criminal I never broke any laws in my life I only advocated so this would not be my childrens future. To not be considered to be of any value. To be innocent and made to be guilty of crimes I never did. I thought one day to work that was not thier pre meditated plans for me. I was the child the student of mental behavioral education. The govenor made me into an adult but did not fix anything else. To use the corporations SED EC than the code three hundred than the self contained non public education to take Voting rights of all the people they put claims onto to be the states police systems secretly made into a criminal. My crime is to have CVIDS to be asked by one of the employees are you just crazy when you sick. For the CVIDS to be a crime to know my death pre arranged to even plant a book that was merely to do the brainwashing to say the CVID caused by stress to make medical claims that are not true to use psycotic drugs on the label non person to merely shut them up. I will never be free the outcast of Socieity routed to mental behavioral to be parked and so they all could use me to make the money for paychecks pensions and job/s and job promotions to make me the meal ticket to be accused of false allegation false histories to not ever be allowed legal counsel to clear up the mess they did to me. Why was I put onto a kangeroo court process a set up trial to boot. To creat a false histories to say you the catch 22. The catch 22 for thirty years. I asked in Washington State why was CPS making me go to all that mental health that did absolutly nothing to help me. To find out I gave to my children to be attacked verbal by the Doctors. To know I am not a retardation to know that yes as an American citizen I should have some type of value. I am just the medi cal #they doled out to use this number whenever how ever they want to use it. I am the one they all decided to be the example. When I got out of the USN I was never told the diagnosis and that I would give it to my children. So I am an outcast the belated states incarcerated mental, developemental and the 12 step drug addict criminal. I have no life my life taken from me my family not mine so why did I even have to prove they had it to. All they did is work together all they did is end my life. Why did they get to drag me into all the sectors of the system working all together as I was the outcast put on the very bottom of the food chain. To know its in all the medical journals that its the Docter's who did it. Retardation, syndrome, disorder, to say you are a criminal too. To not be allowed to fix anything to know it is just a matter of time for my children, than it will also be done to them or is it just me. I thought if they finally had my kids it would be over with but it turned out to just be a new beginning. To take my life my rights to a life to not tell me how I was to be punished disaplined luaghed at stared at talked about to be the outcast that is not considered to be of any value. I reported the thieft of my name again this prior to finding out some of this and the cop said What you thought you are worth something. Not anymore to be called a retardaiton syndrome disorder to say every disability mental for the States all States unethical retaliations with adversarial intent to do bodily injuries. To be denied medical care to see other getting but not me or my children. I think the state even put out that my kids are ophans every sector of the system assisted them I am entitle to nothing your the Zero Zero for the Zero you will have nothing left by the time we are all done with you. But they will never be done they will never let me live in peace or harmoney. To contact the US Dept of justice this did not help either they just said service connected. So it all goes back to 1982 the very day of my discharge this the very day my life over with to all of the ones who did this economic profiling hate crimes to get their paychecks pensions and retirements job/s and job promotions and I can clear my name because to them I do not exist to them I am a retardation they own me and failed with intent decided to be as mean and cruel to make the money by false allegations accusations to say so many bad things about me and what can I do I can not get any rights I cannot find out why? To even be forewarned by the Cops that since CPS did this to me it is their turn now. So because I have CVID I am considered to be the criminal to be put onto death row. IDEA said the states in the Red ran out of money so you just Crazy instead. I do not get legal cousel I am not anything but what they used for all sectors to make alot of money. I was threated by so many even told me you will need federal protection. This is what the pre existing did to me To not even be told anything about to be the states automatic slam dunk to be treated as a criminal and I can not find out why to be treateded all the days of my life. Disability rights all they say is don't you trust you doctor. Portablity Hippa violations too. To keep creating a false histories because of their ability to do the hidden case management they get to create the false histories and you are miles and miles away form them. To find out later what they were allowed to do to accuse me of bad things and I do not even get to see all the fruad generated created it is the states little secret votings accuring as my life voted to be over with as I was made to go without what alot of others allowed to have why did the USN do this to me. Why did they all want me dead. Why am I such a low life that no one cares about me. To defend ones self for thirty years to know it is not over with yet to know no one will help me to fix what was allowed freely to be done to me. To be used abused to reinvent slavery. To be the serent of them all. To have them say catch 22 at the VA you slipped throught the cracks. No I was pushed it is a lucritive methods to do Homicidal Social pathic Social murder hopeless helpless no place to belong to, Go back to where you came form. As I get called the juvenile delinquent criminal with the states creations of a false histories. To not be allowed to speak to talk to be told why this is you future to be the bad person to be the one they routed to mental behavioral with the formulary of drug addict mental developemental to not be stupid to know they could have help me and my kids I was trying to educate my children about so they could not be me four kids who have but the Educational corporation gets to erase it and route to be the states CPS/DSHS criminal. To be referred to as the genie pig specimen and my kids genie pigs. To have been used to study the diseases but to get any help I was told Maybe you can get the medicine in a mental ward or what jail. To not be able to stop what they all did to go with out so many things to not understand why they could own me do all the bad negativity defamation discrediting acts actions of pre planned retaliations to do all these things to me and deny me a diagnosis. So when my kids get sick as the become adults they will be treated just like me. To never understand why no right not even civil rights either. To be jugded in such a fashion to be discrimnated against for being a Veteran but because of the CVID and what the USN Doctors did apon discharge to wait decades to find out what I have than to find out no cure. This is why it was done? Why was it done they would think I have no feelings about thirty years of premeditated allegations. To on top of that they even knew I would die form this. CPS K Shaw said all we had to do is to sit back and watch you become medically fragile. They said the federal government did it first so they can to. The politics getting used to make claims on all the labeled clients of the States CPS DSHS so a selected group of persons would be given no chance no choice life would not have quality or any happiness because as they all stared at me all these years they watched and freely discriminated against me. So why not the truth about why not tell the victims about to start this at the persons birth to start the no education so the persons stays stuped drugged and uneducatable. Since you cannot work and this when the Cops attacked me they said your not respectalbe you cant work we are respectalbe we work. Yeah! attacking a dying women who's been persecuted false histories and all the allegations. So why did the USN set me up I finely got the records and found out when I went it for medical care it was to merely do the bashing to not write the medical down to erase and put out that I was faking. To years later find out the knew found out I could have been told found out so many things about this country found out who puts the hatred into very very streets of Calfornia. Found out they wanted me out of here they still keep telling me to get out of here go back to where you came from. To say we made you just like everyone else. No I am different I am the systems forced into compliances out cast of society not wanted anywhere I am the epetemy of society I was not allowed to know that the system decided to kill me and if they will via the local Educational Corporation if they get to do this to me and it cannot be stopped. Than when this happens to my children Foster children than it is going to be a thousand times worse. I am disallowed any type of help to be forced to go to the 12 step drug addict criminal corporations to be the criminal and criminals have no rights. So CPS gets to select the ones who wiil be treated like me. To think they are ethical to cover up medical mal practice mental behavioral this just to dole out drugs psycotic drugs to by pass the antidepressants too. Washington State when the found the CVID I was not told about the nurse practitioner he automatically was able to make his plans to dope me up with mental drugs and this is without telling me what I have. The VA has also known about it too. So I really am just a lab rat a genie pig to allow mental health to be the criminal corporation to take me who was never into troble and put me into the criminal system I was not accepted and I did not belong. To recieve death threats for almost three years. What now all that want me to be the stupid idiot criminal when I am not When those mental patients got out of line the Nurses just ran behind locked doors I was left to defend myself and no protection at all. My life once again put on the line. Just so they could have a free genie pig via a Mental behavioral where the did say the federal govenment did experimentation on the Veteran so they could all do it too. To find out all the Docters wanted me routed to mental behavorial Why so than I could be subjected to what ever Docter wanted a body part or to use to let a student us you for their homework classes A free labrat sample the HMO said are you still on that nasty medical. Than took about three pints of blood. I will never go to the criminal corporations hate crime again. No connected to the VA just hanging out for the money they get to bilk via that Handy medi cal # Than if they could not do this to you they would have no meal tickets and hence no job/s Is all about the jobs unethical and many did not even show up to do the job just said they did. Free money to make a false histories and a big profits for the big wigs Ken Ferro he is a big wig The protection Advacocy they did not do a job just waited for the federal dallors for all the empty skelloton programs. Job/s Many do not even show up to do the job get paid good money and benefits too. Must be ever so nice to not work for what you get too. The protection advocacy said Ken Ferro did not have to tell on himself. Work it Ken Ferro on all the labeled outcast SED EC Students/ Parents/ Families. Pervasive labelings done via the Corporations mediation department where all the crimes against the puplic get erased so they can start it all over again The cencus it is the time line to start the economic profiling hate crimes all over again. Knowingly creating fraud 60010EC to spread it all around than take what the created throw it out to the four corners of this earth and than re cycle the States CPS Corporations and all the partnerships bad negativity the bad politics A very bad thing to want to creat criminal for a job marketing mal practices. A did it to devert the money not to help but to do as much harm as they all could do pr planned pre meditated pre estabished for that pre existing so everyone with a disability can be the states labeled crimanals for the police to be a part of the hate crimes and also not report the pre meditated planned abuse of power.

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4/29/2011 US FBI - Hey i would like to know how to process your FBI
Hey i would like to know how to process your FBI report in USA if you are overseas. in fact, i have my brother in overseas but he lives in USA for almost 5 years and he needs his FBI report so would you tell me where he can get his fingerprint. We actually do have embassy in our Country(BENIN.

Thanks for your help

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4/14/2011 US FBI - I would like to know how to work with BAU
I would like to know how to work with BAU behavioral analysis unit in Quantico, Virginia in united states thank you for answering me I am of the Ardennes in France

bonsoire je voudrais savoire comment travailler avec B A U behavioral analysis unit a quantico virginie au ETAS UNIS merci de me repondre je suis des ardennes en france

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9/13/2010 US FBI - 9-13-10 I have rreceived in the mail this past
9-13-10 I have rreceived in the mail this past Saturdasy an item consisting of a check in the amount of $3150.00 and information as to the depositing of this check into my bank account. I smell a rat as to the breakdown of the amount---#1 First week training py $200.00, #2Your first assignment t evaluate Western-Union transfer system $2700.00, #3 Sender's Fees for the Western-Union $150.00, #4 Your second assignment is to evaluate one of the stores listed above.$100.00 It says to fax or email your evaluation form and store receipts to 1-604-608-5394. It also says leave a message on our phone as none of our agents are abvailable to take the call. They give email as; The envelope had no return address and had Canadian postage stamp on it. This to me is a big time scam wanting my Bank No. and bilking me out of 3150.00. I'd appreciate a return on this thanks.Shag

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5/26/2009 US FBI - I have something to trouble you that I have always
I have something to trouble you that I have always received few strong emails from the banks in Nigeria every month in the past 3 - 4 years. On these emails, it was said some huge funds will wait for me to bring and need to contact them; or need me as a relative of death persons to share huge fund with one of them. I know this really would be fraud. In the past years, I always immediately delete them when I received these emails. However, these emails have not been interrupted so far. in order to avoiding this interruption (or be harassed), I think, I have to report your department and let you think what I should do, or you have some ideas to inhibit these swindlers' actions. Thank you very much Ben-

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5/1/2009 US FBI - What is an 800 number for the Federal Bureau of
What is an 800 number for the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Washington DC?

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