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1-800-275-8777Press 5 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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11/30/2015 US Postal Service - A U.S. Post Office store manager, named Nate from the Durham, NH location was extremely disrespectful
A U.S. Post Office store manager named Nate from the Durham, NH location was extremely disrespectful and rude. I simply asked about a package that was sent to the wrong address (Durham, NH), and asked if I could just pick it up at the post office. His response was "I have 13,000 packages, I'm not wasting my day to sift through these packages for your 9 oz package that you sent to the wrong address". I told him that it was a very important package, and I was told Fed Ex said this shouldn't be an issue to hold the package at the post office. He laughed at my response and told me I messed up the address it's not his issue. He started yelling into the phone, and when I asked for a manager, he replied, "that's funny because I am the manager!" I informed him I would be calling in a complaint on his behalf, and he said "good luck with that". Honestly, if the U.S. post office has a store manager that is this rude around the holidays, I can't imagine what other employees they hire. I will NEVER go through with the U.S. postal services until this issue is resolved. This kid Nate needs his job title as "manager" taken away ASAP. This is unacceptable.

KirstinRead More
3/14/2014 On hold for 45 minutes with US Postal Service and still no live person
I was hold for 45 minutes and still did not get to talk to a person. I have a question and complaint against our Mail Carrier and his notes he leaves in our box.
Example, if our mail is picked up on time, it is usually around 12:30PM. If we have correspondence or payments that have to be post marked that day, we run through our meter and put in mail box. I recieve notes from him that metered mail must have correct dates of pickup. If our client brings in a payment that is due, we have to mail and the post mark is what the company uses. I have never had any mail carrier ever keep leaving notes. He is rude.

Joanna RidlehuberRead More
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