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USAA has 7.7 million members and become one of the only fully integrated financial services companies in America.

USAA Corporate
9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78288 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-456-1800

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1-800-531-8722 Press 000#; at prompt press #.


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4/5/2016 I am a beneficiary of a trust managed through USAA
I am a beneficiary of a trust managed through USAA and have been a member for 21 years. We are on our second payout period and again the checks aren't on time. I was told I'd receive my first payout on Jan 1, 2016... Well me being who I am, I contact the trust department because I've received zero paperwork and was told by my benefactor in September of 2015 about the trust. So in 4 months no one could send me an information packet? The next thing that happened was they sent my check and my co beneficiary's check to two addresses neither of us had lived at in over 10 years, after being given the correct addresses, THEN, my wrong address was wrong! Ridiculous... My trustee had gone on vacation conveniently, so I dealt with her supervisor who was very nice but claimed shed re sent my check several times and in fact had not. Needless to say about ten days later the trustee came back to work and we spoke for the first time... We discussed direct deposit as a good option to keep the check from being late again, so I went straight away, filled out my DD form and sent it along with my marriage license and a voided check. A week later I called to inquire about my packet being received, it had not. Roughly a week later the trustee called me and yay shed received my info and we double and triple checked everything seemed fine. I received my check FedEx on Jan 11, 2016, so eventually I did get it. Fast forward to April 1, 2016... No direct deposit... (shocker!) I wait several days after being given 4 different dispersement dates and contact my trustee who claims all she has is my marriage license no DD form and that we never had a conversation double and triple checking my bank account and routing numbers! REALLY. Not to mention the contract they created is horse puckey. It allows USAA to borrow our money and or do any number of things like invest in themselves and basically benefit their company and I can't even get a payment on time!! I am disgusted. If it weren't for my benefactor wanting to give some financial stability to his family USAA wouldn't even have this million dollar trust account! As a beneficiary of a trust, tho actually means by definition they e been ENTRUSTED with a sum to invest and disperse to BENEFIT us, the beneficiaries. What a load of junk. My benefactor was a USAF Lt. Colonel and worked for everything he has and trusted this company with his hard earned money and they can't even make timely payments... How do they have 69 million in assets but can't pay out 50,000 a year of money they hold that isn't even theirs?

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12/14/2015 I do not have USAA as my insurance company and I will never use them
I do not have USAA as my insurance company and I will never have USAA as my insurance company. I was rear-ended by a person with USAA insurance. I contacted the claims adjuster after I received a letter from them. The letter had the wrong phone number in it. That was when I knew there would be trouble with this claim and this company. I talked to the adjuster, he stated I would receive a check, the body shop would receive a check if there were any other charges not covered by the estimate. 46 days have passed with no return call as to the check that was to be sent to me, the claimant. I called the body shop, that was the location for the estimate. The check was sent to them and made out to them. I did not give this shop permission to do the work. This shop is not the claimant. I was told that an appraiser would call me to make an appointment to look at the damage. No one called me they just went to the shop and then called me to come down. 30-minute trip one way. I will tell you that you will need a lawyer if you have any dealings with this company. I will see my lawyer in the AM. I am a combat Veteran and I will be letting all my contacts know what has happened.

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11/30/2015 Had an accident and USAA dropped my coverage!
On Nov 30, 2015, I spoke with an Insurance rep regarding my rental coverage on my truck, I've been with USAA for seven years plus now and all ways carry this coverage, just renew my policy and had an accident and all of a sudden I don't have the coverage now. I was told since I did not view my contract online then there was nothing they could do so for seven plus years I had this coverage never discussing with an agent all of a sudden now that it was miss communication it all falls on me. I am done with USAA good luck and hope no one has to deal with this treatment!

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2/9/2015 My USAA Insurance Review 2015
My USAA Insurance Review 2015

My name is Bobby USMA '99 graduate. Proud member of the US Army 99-01. I served my country as an Army Officer. I have been a member of USAA for over 15 years. As USAA has continued to grow, I continue to experience the nuances of your transition from a smaller organization to a larger organization. On to the Facts... I married my wife 11/19/14. On 12/22/14, after my wife had gotten her named changes on all pertinent documents necessary to handle business, I called USAA for 2 request. Request #1 was to add my wife to my accounts. Request #2 was to have USAA send a debit card in my wife's name for her use. We were told by the representative at that time that we would need to go online, download a signature card, have my wife and I sign the signature card and return it via upload to the USAA system. Our task were completed that same day, 12/22/14. I called back that day to speak to a representative who informed me that she could see the upload, that she would add my wife to the account, and that an order would be put in the next business day to have the debit card mailed out. The representative asked me to allow 5-10 business days to allow the card to reach our home. I called USAA on Dec 30, 2014 to inquire as to whether they had a method to track the card as I was curious in its delivery schedule due to the holiday timeframe. The representative mentioned that they did not have a record of the card being sent out and that my wife had not been added to the account. I explain to the representative about all actions that I requested and the fact that I could fax a copy of the signature card dated 12/22/14 as validation that this process was initiated. The representative told me that there was nothing that he could do other than resubmitting the information and the request for the debit card. I took the time to go through this process again and was told that the debit card would be ordered the following day and would arrive in 5-10 business days. Me and my wife allowed time to pass and I called USAA back on Jan 20, 2015. At that time I was told that the card had not been sent out and that my wife had not been added to the account. At this point I become livid because I do not understand why a seemingly basic request was being so poorly handled and why the level effectiveness and efficiency with these representatives was lacking. The representative continued to argue back and forth with me about whether or not I had previously called in to make these request. The representative continued to relay to me that my wife's information was invalid until I remembered that the signature card that my wife had to sign on 12/22/14 had her new USAA number, so if she did not exist then she would not have been assigned a number. I gave the number to the representative and magically my wife did exist in the system. The representative then stated that my wife's profile existed but it was not linked to my account it was unlinked to any account which made it impossible for them to locate her profile under my information. Again, I am tolerating all of the back and forth calls, all of the wait times that have been administered to me over USAA's inefficiencies and blunders. That representative informed me that he had "fixed" the account and put in a request to have a debit card sent out. January 28th I followed up with a call to see if everything looked ok in the system although I had not received a debit card in the mail. The representative assured me that all looked well in the system and to continue to wait for the debit card as it was not mailed Fedex. This was the first time I learned that FEDEXing the card was an option. I would hope that after the first mistake by USAA that the card would default to a FEDEX mailing status for the convenience of the customer. This clearly is not the case. On Feb 3 my wife received her debit card in the mail. Feb 3, 2015 my wife calls to activate the card and the 800 forwards the call to a representative who informs my wife that they cannot activate her debit card until She sends in a picture of the front and back of her social security card! Again, this is pure inefficiency on the part of USAA representatives. If this is a requirement why would it not be addressed at the same time as the signature card? Why was this not addressed at any other time that USAA failed to get my wife's information entered correctly on the account or before the card ever reached our home? I called USAA to speak to a representative. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to 4 different departments but was never awarded the opportunity to speak with a manager. I continued to ask for some authority who could make this right on that day! USAA has held back my wife's ability to function normally and there should be someone at all times available who can make a decision as basic as approving a social security validation. I sent the pictures of the front and back of my wife's card as I stayed on the phone with the USAA representative. I waited on the phone for over an hour and a half looking for an explanation and some take action from someone. This never happened. Instead what happened was a final representative apologizing profusely because she had learned that again my wife's profile had not been properly linked to my account and thus the card would always be in a state of not being able to be activated. She mentioned that she would fix that issue and that in 48 hours the card would be able to be activated. Today is now 2/7/15. My wife called today to have the card activated. Over 48 hrs beyond the timeframe that the representative suggested. The 800 number defaults to a representative who tells my wife that the securities department cancelled her information on the account as well as cancelled the debit card that had been sent out. The entire process has to start over. I am hoping very much that someone in your organization understands my level of frustration. Since I will need to wait and be further inconvenienced by USAA, I will tell you my intentions. I will post this letter to every website that allows this many characters. I will inform all of my alumni organizations about this encounter as well. I will forward this account to the better business bureau. I will be forwarding this letter to every USAA executive that has a valid email account that is available online. I refuse to not be heard. I refuse to allow organizations to have so many individuals who are supposedly trained that are actually not empowered to assist me, the customer. I refuse to sit back and allow the HOURS of time and energy that I have spent on this to go unknown by other potential customers, current customers who have experienced similar inconvenience, or executives who are unaware of what is actually happening on ground level. I want this fixed immediately. I want a formal apology to me and my wife, and I want just compensation for my time and efforts. Thank you Bobby USMA '99

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1/27/2015 USAA - I was rear ended on 12-20-14 sitting at a red light
I was rear ended on 12-20-14 sitting at a red light by a usaa client. after waiting a week with no response from usaa I contacted usaa after 30 minutes on the phone I finally got to talk to a real person. I was told that usaa had taken liability for me being rear ended and was told to take my truck to a local body shop. I did and the body shop took pictures and gave me a quote. another week went by and no response from either usaa or the body shop. I called the body shop and asked the shop foreman what was going on after 10 minutes on the phone with him with no results I said I was going to call usaa to see what was going on and he said please do not call them that he drop the ball and did not upload the pictures to usaa but would do so as soon as we hung up and would call me the next morning. it is now 1-27-15 and I guess that morning has never came. there has been no response from usaa or the body shop (BLM) in bay county. I WANT MY TRUCK REPAIRED!!!!

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1/15/2015 USAA - Dear Sirs,I use to live in San Antonio and
Dear Sirs,

I use to live in San Antonio and always admired the USAA complex off of Fredericksburg Road. When I moved to Atlanta, my son was involved in an accident with one of your policy holders. This was maybe 15 years ago.
My sister had an accident in my car on 1/4/15 with one of your policy holders. She went to Piedmont Hospital to get checked out with X-rays and everything seemed to go well with that process. She was able to get a rental car set up on Monday 1/5/15 and that went well but we have not heard from the claims representative about my car since that time. Today is 1/16/15. In the last 15 years I have had several instances where I needed to have estimates done on damages to one of my vehicles and not one time has it taken over 3-4 days to get that accomplished. I am astonished that there has been this much time elapse with no communication from USAA despite my sister leaving a half dozen messages with the claims adjuster. What is going on with what once was deemed the finest insurance that a person could have?????

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11/2/2014 USAA - On 9-27-2014, I was in my first car accident, no
On 9-27-2014, I was in my first car accident, no one was hurt, seatbelt on, speed approx. 10 mph, and I was given a citation for unsafe movement. I was scared, had no idea what to do or how to get started, so called USAA first. I can assure you I've never experienced a more gracious and helpful staff. Every time I called, my nerves got calmer, I felt more at ease, and my court case was dismissed because of your prompt service and payments made to everyone involved. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I've been with USAA for 18 years. That's fortunate for me.
Sincerely, Nancy Jean Turney ll-2-2014

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10/15/2014 I am very discouraged with USAA. Like some many,
I am very discouraged with USAA. Like some many, I have been a member for years and always paid on time. recently I had an accident in which I was not at fault however since both parties were insured by USAA, my agent sided with the other agent who stated I was mostly at fault although the other driver ran into me. They would not listen to my side of the case thus I now have an accident on my report which is reflecting badly as I try to change companies. I just also dropped one of my cars and am now being told the check will be mailed in Nov. What has happened to loyal customer service???

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9/4/2014 USAA - They are a rip-off they wanted to total my
They are a rip-off they wanted to total my restored 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible and the car was far from that amount of damage . They do this to not have to pay you the true amount of a claim. Beware of this company!!!

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7/15/2014 Having been a usaa member for over 50 years, I had
Having been a usaa member for over 50 years, I had always felt that I received good service; however my opinion has changed. Had to jump through flaming hoops over and over just to get information. The company was only interested in me if I was going to file a claim for a fender scrape that was going to ultimately be less than deductible. usaa would have paid nothing and all I would have been left with would be a mark against my record which would have been an excuse to raise my premiums.

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7/5/2014 I am a USAA member and the person that hit my
I am a USAA member and the person that hit my vehicle is also a member. USAA response time unlike other companies is horrific. I got my vehicle back a month later all awhile calling you have to tell the story over numerous times being 1 side is an adjuster for you and the other side is for the other party and records can't be accessed by both due to conflict of interest. I have yet to hear from the adjuster handling the claim for the other party because they are the ones to handle fixing my car and etc. Its 1 month and 3 days later and he has not contacted me as of yet. I ask for his supervisor to call, as of my 3 request 2 weeks later not a single call. I also filed an report for diminution of value due to my perfect carfax now is tarnished by an accident no fault of my own. I have yet to receive a call or a check. Its a month later! USAA I do not recommend.... I was a fan but with all the hassles its worth going to another company like state farm where you can get fast service with less stress. I will pay more just to have keep my sanity.

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6/25/2014 A few other posts already hit the mark. USAA is
A few other posts already hit the mark. USAA is not the company it used to be. I should have realized that when they started using Progressive for their recreational vehicle coverage I should have seen the changes coming,

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