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Uverse is AT&T's internet, phone, dvr, and digital tv bundle for your home.

Uverse Corporate
AT&T Address:
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75202

Uverse Hours
M - F 8am - 7pm Sa 8am - 5pm Local time

More Uverse Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-288-2020
Corporate Phone: 1-210-821-4105
TTY: 1-800-651-5111
Twitter: Tweet @ATTCares

Phone Number

1-800-288-2020Review and Hint Needed


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8/7/2013 Can I get Uverse in Dallas on Estacado Drive
Can I get Uverse in Dallas on Estacado Drive 75228?

I'd like to know if we can get U-Verse at Estacado Drive, Dallas, Texas 75228-3667 our neighbor just got u-verse so what is the chances of us getting u-verse. We now have roadrunner service.

JamesRead More
7/24/2012 Uverse - My Mom and Dad had always had At&T phone service
My Mom and Dad had always had At&T phone service along with their cell phone sevicce. Recently my Mom passed and I was looking to save my dad some money, so I combined his home phone service, cell phone service and tv service and got rid of comcast and saved a little money. But if I tell you this has been an adventure, WOW!. I initially set the service up to be installed on 6/29/12. The technician showed about the time that AT&T told us, but nothing was done because he said that he needed to get over in the neighbors backyard,but couldn't because there was a dog in the back yard. He proceeded to lie to us and say that he would be back about 4pm to try again and if he was unsuccessful then, there would probably be someone back out on Saturday. I called CS about 1pm on Saturday and was informed that nothing was scheduled for our home that day. Our installation was "Rescheduled to 7/14. The technician that came out this time both cordial and professional and did not understand why the 1st technician didn't do the install since he didn't have to go into the other yard????? Everything was set up and working fine for a few days. My Dad has an old TV in the bedroom, so by Tuesday we had no reception (could not use remote to put tv on channel 3). Tech Support tried walking us through the process to get it working, but nothing seemed to work. Rueben (technicican) came out on Tuesday (7/17) and got that one working. Everything worked fine until late Sunday Nite (7/22). Monday morning nothing in the house worked (no phone service, no tv, and no internet). Called Tech Support Monday evening. It was concluded that the ousdie line was not sending a signal,and a technician was scheduled for Tuesday morning. Technician showed up mid morning and went to work. I spoke to the technician by phone and he said that we needed to replace a phone line that was on the Modem because it was to small. I informed him that the cable had been put on by the technician that installed everything and that everything had worked for almost a week, so if the wrong cable was on the Modem, it was put there by AT&T and that if it needed to be replaced he should do it. I later found out that instead of replacing the cable, he simply put the Modem on the floor(off the desk) to keep from stretching the line too much. My Dad called me to say that the technician was having problems getting the TV in the bedroom set up. This technician leaves the home without saying anything and without the TV (in the bedroom) working properly. Guess what, I called CSA "AGAIN", told them what the situation was, they wanted to try and walk me through the setup process with the remote. The lady on the line was very nice, but I explained to her that first of all I wasn't at home at the moment, but more importantly, if the technician that was there couldn't get it set up, what would make her think that she was going to be able walk me through the process and get it working????. At this point I am about sick AT&T, this should not be this complicated. At any rate, I have "ANOTHER" service call set for 7/25. I certainly hope that this will be the last one for a long time. It should be noted that everyone that I have spoken to at Customer Service/Techinical Suport have been extremely polite and understaning. Unfortunately that is of little consolation when yur services aren't working properly. Jarvis rimble

JarvisRead More
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