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1/9/2014 Vangent customer service is very poor
I live in Colorado and attend Metro State College, I was trying to obtain my 1098-T but couldn't, so I called the 1-800-223-0043 number and got a lady named Mary. I was trying to explain to her I could not get into the website to retrieve the 1098-T. She asked me what web browser I was using and I told her Windows 8. She told me to go to the top of the page and click on tools and do not leave the website. In the process of trying to tell her that was not on that webpage or site she proceeded to over talk me. I tried to tell her multiple times and she proceeded to talk over me and not listen AT ALL and basically was telling me to shut up. I got pissed because what she was telling me to look for was not on that web page. I tried to describe what was on the web page and she just kept talking and talking trying to tell me what I was not seeing. She was not listening and her customer service skills were extremely poorer than any customer service agent I have ever talked to on the phone. I kept calling back hoping to get another agent and she kept picking up the phone so I was able to get her name at the number stated above. This is not good for people whom need help and you have customer service like this. I give this agent a rating of -00000000. Someone needs to speak with this lady about her mouth and customer service skills because they are extremely poor.

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