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4/4/2014 Vapormate - I was not at home to receive your pkg's when they
I was not at home to receive your pkg's when they arrived because I was in the hospital for me heart. I read your "For your safety" special notes and the specific warning regarding heart disease and high blood pressure. I suffer with both diseases and am therefore unable to use VaporMate.

As you can see nothing in these packages has ever been opened, but after your $4.95 shipping chgs(which I expect to pay) my acct. has been charged $80.90 on 4-01 and $99.95 on 3-17 for a total of $180.85. Pls credit the account charged or send me a check for that amount less any shipping & handling.

I have instructed my bank not to accept any further charges so pls discontinue sending anything further to me.

You can send any comments to my e=mail address. I would appreciate your expediting the credit due me immediately or I will have to handle it with my mastercharge account and hope you understand I cannot use this product due to medical reasons as stated.

Thank you

EileenRead More
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