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4/18/2016 Vector Security - after 25 years I canceled my service on January
after 25 years I canceled my service on January 29, 2016 was told it was needed in writing so I sent a note on my
bill to that is was canceling service. I still receiving monitoring bills and when I checked with monitoring I am not
being monitored. I spoke with Jennifer in the local office and she said she had my letter in my file but I didn't sign
it. I think this is really sad, I told her if it was a problem why didn't she call me and let me know, this is just a example of the service Ive received since bayou security was bought out and called in and spoke to Jennifer 3 time
needing a quote from Paul to change my system to wireless and he never got with me. Please help me with these
bills they continue to send and they know I don't owe.
sincerely Elizabeth Hennigan

Liz HenniganRead More
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