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12/18/2015 Vera Wang - I purchased the Linear Plaid Queen comforter set
I purchased the Linear Plaid Queen comforter set which included bed skirt and 2 pillow shams. Because the comforter is heavy I have used only last winter and this winter so far. Where the window light comes in across the bed in the afternoon the dye has turned into a pink hue. The color new was a deep plum. This set was quite expensive at Kohls. I certainly can't return it there after this time. I have the original plastic bag and label.

Vonnie Read More
8/17/2015 I love that Vera Wang provides designs of clothing to be sold at Kohl's
I love that you provide designs of clothing to be sold at Kohl's. Your work is creative and I always look forward to seeing what is new. I have purchased -shirts and a light sweater that was longer on the sides and all "pilled " when washed. The shirts are polyester rayon made in Jordon. They are sturdy but do not look nice due to the little balls of fabric on the surface.

carol Read More
6/8/2015 My Vera Wang Queen sheets (flat) part of the set
My Vera Wang Queen sheets (flat) part of the set is too short on the sides. The Fitted part is fine
the pillow cases are fine, actually a nice large comfortable size. Every time we make the bed my
husband is so disgusted and we "fight" for the sheets all night. Why is this and where can I send
them. Please

Joanne D Read More
11/19/2014 Vera Wang - I purchased Pink Princess and was surprised and
I purchased Pink Princess and was surprised and disappointed in the design of the bottle. It was completely covered in a rough material with pink sparkles that got all over everything and fell all over. The crown on top would have been sufficient. This was embarrassing to give as a gift as well as for personal use and could not be returned to the store.

Disappointed in Miami Read More
8/18/2014 I would like to give feedback on your Vera Wang
I would like to give feedback on your Vera Wang Simply Vera Wang 100% pima cotton sheets sold at Kohls. I purchased two sets of these 800 thread count sheets in Queen size and King size. I considered these a splurge as I have never had this weight and quality of a sheet before. That may seem odd given I am in my 60's! :)

After washing them and putting them on our two size beds I was so disappointed at the width of these sheets. Not much at all hung over the sides of the bed, just a couple inches. The length is ok, but the width is definitely not generous enough to comfortably cover the sides of our beds. For such expensive sheets and such nice quality, I was sad to see the poor fit and even more bummed that I do not comfortably sleep while wanting to pull the sheets up over me when I sleep.

I know the King set retails for $200. and the Queen set is not a lot less expensive, I do not think. I did not think I could or should return them to the store. However, it has bothered me when I make the bed to see such a poor fit. Our beds are not even super thick with a huge topper cover to them.

I wanted to give this feedback, because I do think they should be made several inches wider. I would like to benefit from a better fit, but others would also if they are made wider. Perhaps I received sheets that are not the proper measurement for their size. I have not measured them, only note they are not wide enough for either of our beds that they are on at this time.

I am not sure if there is anything the company should do for me, but I thought I would ask. The quality is a luxury, but not the fit, and I surely wish they were wider for a more comfortable sleep.

Please respond to this, and I do think the product should be improved with a wider sizing for all sizes of beds. I would think it would improve sales. I won't buy any other Vera Wang sheets with this fit as I feel they are not correctly made for our beds.

I do hope to hear from someone from the company. I hope this feedback will be put to use to improve the sheets.

Thank you for your attention to this message, and I hope to hear from someone. Thanks again.

Shelly Rapaport

Shelly Read More
5/1/2014 Vera Wang - Simply Vera leggings - Love them but I can't find more
Bought Simply Vera leggings Love them but I can't find any more like these. 60%cotton

26%polyester 6% spandex. The ones I am finding are too thin. These are thicker. Can you help me?

Linnsie Read More
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