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1/27/2016 Verizon Fraud - my daughter's phone broke 12/29-she put in a claim
my daughter's phone broke 12/29-she put in a claim for replacement and we were denied. Apparently back in July someone placed a claim to my account and Asurion sent them a phone!!! I told Asurion that is impossible and they were nasty so I went directly to Verizon. Verizon found out that a phone was shipped in July to an address (which wasn't mine) and someone signed for the phone. The phone was never activated which makes us believe someone sold it on the internet. I have the address of the where the phone was sent. Verizon told me Asurion was having their fraud dept check into this and I should call them in 2 days. Again when I called they gave me a hard time, then told me I needed to submit another claim. Which I did. When I called back again they told me it was denied - I flipped out on them - then they told me they would e-mail me in 24 hours which they did not. I received a letter saying my claim was denied and called a 4th time. Finally someone told me that a phone would be shipped to me - I gave them my work address. They still had the fake address in their file. Something is drastically wrong - this has to be an inside job. It's either the people at the insurance company or Verizon. I will get to the bottom of this.

Cak Read More
1/12/2016 Verizon Fraud - We have spent over 15 hours trying to correct our
We have spent over 15 hours trying to correct our billing statement. We have been with Verizon about 10 years-
never late-never missed a payment-a Verizon employee canceled a phone line for an Ipad-that was financed with no interest due- p and I only paid monthly-which we have done each month-
By the Verizon employee canceling that line- it triggered the entire amount due- and they show this as overdue-
Hours spent straightening the thing out- with assurances from various departments and apologies -only to have the whole thing start up once again. Have no intention to go through the hassle again- so will be shopping for a new carrier.
Worst customer service ever experienced- will also be selling several thousand shares at the opening tomorrow AM.

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8/20/2015 Verizon Fraud - Someone is trying to use my husband's social security number
Sometime around Dec or Jan someone stole my husband SS# and opened a account Life lock called us and said that someone is trying to use my husband's SS# I called Verizon and I made a police report and we are still getting bills and now the collection is sending me bills and letters I talked to one today and she said to try to call the fraud department again so here I am. the account was set up in my name the account # is 555-123-ABC-UKME and using our address so the bills are coming here. Please help me My next step to seek an Attorney. I have been trying everything to get this fix. Thank You.

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4/7/2015 Verizon Fraud - I have Verizon as my wireless phone and this lady
I have Verizon as my wireless phone and this lady hacked my phone and got pic's of me off of it and sent them to other people . That is my private pic's and I have not sent them to anyone . I need your help... Please contact me.

Barbara Read More
4/24/2014 Verizon Fraud - DO NOT place an order online with Verizon.
DO NOT place an order online with Verizon. Mine was cancelled and I received a poorly spelled email instructing me to call 888-483-7200, Option 5, if I did not request the cancellation. I have been on hold for quite some time now with no end in sight. Not knowing what happened, I am hesitant to hang up so I feel as though I am being held hostage by Verizon. Do yourself a favor and walk into a Verizon store with human beings visible behind the counter if you want to do business with this company. "A few brief moments..." If only I had a dollar for every time I've heard the recording tell me that tonight!

Donna Read More
10/28/2013 Verizon Fraud - Someone hacked my phone and charged over $900.00
Someone hacked my phone and charged over $900.00 to my bill. Verizon was very helpful and quickly refunded the overcharge and added a new password to my account for better security.

So far, so good, but when I tried to pay my bill at the local store they wanted that password and I didn't have it so had to go back home. I called Verizon again and they changed the PW again but then when I tried paying the bill on line they said the account was locked. That was yesterday. It is still locked today and I have been on hold for over an hour to the fraud dept to get my phone unlocked.

Every few minutes it says I will be connected in a "few brief moments" I am really getting tired of hearing that. I called customer support and they said I had to talk to the fraud dept so I am stuck while the folks at fraud are having an office party or whatever.

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7/13/2013 Verizon Fraud - Note: As of 07/13/2013, neither of the above web
Note: As of 07/13/2013, neither of the above web addresses are valid.

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10/30/2012 Verizon Fraud - Verizon is the one committing the FRAUD
Verizon is the one committing the FRAUD

Fed up with scam artists Verizon Read More
4/20/2012 Verizon Fraud - i was in the middle of texting then my phone cuts
i was in the middle of texting then my phone cuts off. i was mad. i had cut it back on. so then it was telling me that i needed to enter a code. so i tried every code that know. then it had said something about press send to activate phone, it didn't work. so i took it to the verizon store. the man was able to unlock it. all of my contacts and media stuff was still there. it was just my number wasn't so i feel like leaving verizon and going to another company .

marshall resident Read More
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