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1-800-786-8419Press 0


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10/17/2014 Verizon iPad - Totally incompetent, rude, dumb, etc. etc. One
Totally incompetent, rude, dumb, etc. etc. One hour and fifty minutes and no one can transfer my Verizon number from one iPad to another. Don't buy anything Verizon. Hold time is longer than talk time.

GigiRead More
3/26/2014 Verizon iPad - This company is pathetic. My iPad was disconnected
This company is pathetic. My ipad was disconnected due to my credit card being fraudulently used. They did not advise me of this issue they just disconnected me with no explanation. Im the victim and now to get my IPAD back on network I have to waste my time travelling to a Verizon store to get a new sim card. In addition it has taken me a week to find someone to speak to all numbers seem to go to an automated service totally unhelpful I would not recommend Verizon to anyone their customer service or lack of it stinks.

karenRead More
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