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11/5/2014 Verizon Mobile - I recently purchased the new Iphone6 and was
I recently purchased the new Iphone6 and was pleasantly surprised at the courtesy and friendliness of the staff. Staffer Rolley White was instrumental in my purchase. I was do for an upgrade which I thought was going be an Iphone5c and was pleasantly surprised that Verizon would allow me to upgrade to an Iphone6. Had Rolley not been on top of his game I perhaps would have gotten the 5 but he knew of several promotions that allowed the exchange to be free. Woot woot! One of the female staffers also helped me find the right case and because of my pleasant experience I have 3 other family members with upgrades available. The professionalism and knowledge has led them to the Verizon store at 309 E State Hwy 260. We will be long term users at this store. Rolley and the other staffers helped me with transfer from the old phone to the new 6 and went well beyond. Rolley spent time with me showing me the new features, helping me with apps, and even followed up with me to ensure things were working correctly. Rolley is an asset to your store and I will continue to deal with the Verizon store in Payson. He helped me financially, educationally and the follow ups have been the cherry on top. My family and I will be long time users this location. The staff was great and the experience painless.

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