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8/11/2016 Verizon One Bill - Hi, I paid almost $900 into my old Verizon One
Hi, I paid almost $900 into my old Verizon One Bill Account that is now closed. I did not realize they were giving me a new account number so I paid online into the account number I had always used. Where is that money? Verizon Wireless is complaining that they weren't paid, and they've cut my phone off twice already. This is just absolutely ridiculous and a huge bungle on Verizon's part. Verizon Communications OWNS Verizon Wireless, and NO ONE knows how to fix this. My family has been a customer for YEARS and Verizon themselves forced us out by cutting off our phones. Wonder how many other accounts Verizon lost because of everyone's lack of knowledge on this? Just give me back the money I put into that One Bill account so I can pay Verizon Wireless!!! I have been trying to get this done for six months! If Verizon Wireless takes legal action against me, I will sue Verizon Communications for this disaster. I loved Verizon coverage and I want to come back, but I can't until this issue is resolved. I have talked about 20 people on this; the notes are all in my account.

Most Customer Service people at Verizon Comm are not informed and don't even know what a One Bill account IS, and they have no idea how to help me. There is nothing online that will help with this issue. I have tried over and over to resolve it.

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