Virgin Credit Card (UK) Phone Number



Virgin Credit Cards was launched to give customers a better deal on their Credit Cards.
Card servicing and lost or stolen cards - 0800 015 0306
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Calling from abroad - +44 1244 673 101
Call the operator and ask to reverse charges.
Or Try 0800 0687768

Phone Number

Phone Hint
0800 015 0306 When prompted for card number, press 0#.


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1/2/2013 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - Virgin credit card closed my virgin account
Virgin credit card closed my virgin account because I was paying my balance without using the card. But they disabled my online account which makes it impossible for me to handle the account remotely because my work is not static, and I move everywhere to work. Now I have to call every month to find out how much to pay and when.
Talk about digital age banking and innovation - in short they are more interested in me defaulting on payments rather than paying my balance off. FSA and the ombudsman, here I come.

Lobito Read More
2/26/2011 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - virgin credit card,rubbish card and customer
virgin credit card,rubbish card and customer services even worse.jan 4th 2011 paid £2000 off my balance transfer,leaving a balance of £1000 ,bearing in mind me paying off £2000 was £1960 overpayment on monthly bill,forgot februarys,they have since charged me interest and a late fee bill even after my explanation,bearing in mind i have always overpaid my monthly bill,got no respite off customer services so today february 26th 2011 i closed my account,they are rubbish

kevin Read More
10/28/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - Dont touch virgin credit card with a barge
Dont touch virgin credit card with a barge pole,they are rude and unhelpful and very inhuman. One of my payments after being with them for many months and never paying late arrived one day late due to the bank holiday and they charged me £12 and £47 interest as my 0% was ended due to late payment. They refused to do anything about it and were rude and didn't care less. I was forced to pay the balance off which was three thousand and odd pounds. They promised me a managers callback which I never received. When I called to pay off the balance they agreed because I hadn't received a callback they wouldn't charge me anymore interest but low and behold I've just received my last statement with £25 interest on it.

claire Read More
10/18/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - I dont understand all the negative comments about
I dont understand all the negative comments about Virgin Credit at all!!! I was offered the very best rate for a balance transfer (0%, reccommended by finance man on TV) and it takes 30 seconds to pay the min amount on their freephone tel number 08000 150 306, which then means i pay any extra at my local bank Free Of Charge!!! I live in Glasgow but have used banks in London and Manchester with no problem...!!! 18th oct 2010.

CMM Read More
9/16/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - I wished to close my account.I found their
I wished to close my account.
I found their automated service awkward but surprisingly accurate!
Once connected to customer services I informed them I wished to close my account at which point they attempted to keep me by suggesting benefits etc.
However once I explained that he was wasting his time he informed me that my request would be actioned and I would receive a letter to confirm.
They were perfectly pleasant and directed me how I might pay off remaining balance.

It was not an amazing customer experience but there was nothing rude about it and the chap I spoke to could not have been more helpful.

Luke C Read More
9/11/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - I am absolutely disgusting how patronising staff
I am absolutely disgusting how patronising staff members at Virgin/MBNA are. My payment was 6 days earlier this month than last.

I agree with the comments on 13/5/2010 that once my card is clear I shall be cutting it up and never using it again.


GG Read More
7/28/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - Not happy. Virgin credit card. would like to pay
Not happy. Virgin credit card. would like to pay amount in cash. Unable to unless I travel to my nearest co op bank in Luton. Miles away. Or go to another bank apart from Co op and pay £25.

john Read More
5/13/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - I have had very similar problems. I will be
I have had very similar problems. I will be clearing my credit, cutting it up and NEVER going to Virgin for anything every again (unless I have no choice but to ride on their trains!)

Angela Read More
3/18/2010 Virgin Credit Card (UK) - I called Virgin credit cards a while ago and found
I called Virgin credit cards a while ago and found them to be at the very least very rude and insulting.

I did have a few problems in the past with my account in the past which was because they will not allow me to pay on the date that would coarse no problems with payment and i sorted out an agreement with my bank to pay the instalments for when Virgin credit cards wanted it paid out by the time i called Virgin and was told by the gentleman
( I use the term gentleman very lightly )in no unmistakable terms that they were the bosses as i owed them money that they would tell me how much i should pay and when to pay it which would be a lot smaller than i wanted to pay. I can only think they wanted me to pay this amount as they will be getting a lot more money out of me in interest payments than if they allowed me to pay what i wanted to pay them. Paying them what they want me to pay them will take years more then what i want to pay. Which i find very unfair and unprofessional.

robbo Read More
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