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Vivint Security Corporate Office Headquarters
4931 North 300 West
Provo, UT 84604
Corporate Phone Number: 1-801-377-9111

Phone Number

1-800-216-5232Review Needed Please Comment


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9/2/2015 Vivint Security - They came and put a system in place of ADT
They came and put a system in place of ADT, they did not replace the ADT sensors. I have bee having problems with sensors loosening the connection. I had an appointment Sat 8-11, nobody showed up. I called and they said they were supposed to call me and set a new appointment. It is amazing that they screwed up and I have to adjust my schedule for them. How crappy is that?

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12/26/2012 Vivint Security - Vivint Customer Service Review - No Satisfaction
Vivint Customer Service Review - No Satisfaction

On Dec 17 my vivint security system malfunctioned. This is Dec 26, the promised day of repair service. The technician did not arrive, furthermore the call centre does not have a working phone number for him and cannot tell me when he will arrive. Would you call this quality service or service in a timely manner? No satisfaction here!, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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