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6/15/2015 Vodafone Italy - Before switching to 3.Italia a year ago I was a
Before switching to 3.Italia a year ago I was a Vodafone customer for 12 years. I had a contract. Vodafone would take payment from my bank in American automatically. For along time things went smoothly.

Two years ago I went to France for business for one year. At a certain point I received a text saying my bill was way overdue. I called and was told that my credit card had expired.

The "credit card" was in fact a debit card connected to my bank in America, Chelsea Groton, in Mystic, Connecticut and it certainly HAD NOT EXPIRED.
Nevertheless the operator with whom I spoke kept insisting that it had expired even though I had the card right in front of me.

I called my bank and was told that NO ATTEMPT had been made by Vodafone to withdraw money from my account.

Four more calls to Vodafone resulted in the same insanity: Signora your credit card has expired.

Finally I was able to reach someone who gave me a different but also confounding reason telling me that Vodafone no longer did business with the company who managed my card!! This was assured as the company in question was my bank.

At NO TIME was I ever informed by email, regular mail or text of this development prior to getting the text message that my bill was overdue.

I asked if I could be informed of my pending bill by email and was told no. No, in spite of the fact that four all those previous years I WAS informed by email when the bill had been paid from my bank. So why now could they not send me an email? Just no, no, no.

This resulted in my receiving text messages for months telling me my bill was overdue and I had to go on foot a considerable distance to the post office in France to pay in cash. The bills were absurdly high in spite of the fact that I was not even using my Italian phone, but a French phone. I rarely if ever made a call on my Italian phone.

As my bills were always paid late Vodafone demanded a security payment of €200 which I stupidly sent rather than simply cancelling everything with this horrible company.

When I later returned to Italy I spent literally hours on the phone with various operators trying to resolve the situation to no end. It was a nightmare.

Finally this year I reached an operator who told me not to worry, that my final bill would be subtracted from the €200.

That is not what happened. My final bill was €45.94 plus another bill for €4.73. But included in the penultimate bill was the €200 .

I have been getting calls demanding payment. No attempt on my part to explain the situation was taken into consideration. I was simply told over and over again: Signora, I have your bil here in front of me. I told them to check all of my records because Zimbabwe knew that the ONLY helpful operator had made note of the situations.

Today I received a registered letter demanding payment as well as the internet equipment I had bought in Bologna.
Having paid for the equipment at the time, I thought it was mine.
I have the equivalent and am only too happy to return it.

What I will not do is pay any bill at all until I have your written promise that the remainder of the €200 security will be returned to me. Subtracting the final bills that amount comes to €149.33.

It goes without saying that I am appalled and furious with your company and the way it has treated me.

I need to have someone help me translate today's letter as I do not understand much of it.

I would very much appreciate someone with AUTHORITY in the company to resolve this issue at once.


ElenaRead More
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