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Vonage® Customer Service Phone Number:


Vonage Customer Service is available by telephone at the number listed. Vonage is a VOIP telephone provider. VOIP provides a low cost telephone service using your internet connection.

Address:Vonage 23 Main Street
Holmdel, NJ 07733

Monday - Sunday: 09:00 AM - 10:30 PM EST

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-866-243-4357
En Español: 1-866-243-4357
Tagalog Customer Support: 1-866-243-4357
Corporate Phone: 1-732-528-2600
Corporate Fax: 1-732-834-0189
Canada: 1-877-272-0528
UK: 0800-008-6000; 0207-993-9000
International: 1-646-564-2845

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-866-243-4357 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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7/28/2016 Vonage - The absolute worst connection and service we have
The absolute worst connection and service we have ever encountered. We have fought them for three months to no avail. No one can understand us when they call. After spending hours on the cell phone trying to get it straightened out we finally cancelled our service. They better not charge us a cancellation fee or we will report them to the FCC. Don't waste your money.

Nancy Read More
6/5/2016 Vonage - The phone service is awful! Dropped calls, very
The phone service is awful! Dropped calls, very bad signal! You can hear every other word if you at lucky! It interferes with the Internet. AND when you try to cancel, they say they will cancel and then they don't and they charge your doe service again!!!!! Very bad customer service!!

Mike Read More
5/17/2016 Everyone is right. Vonage is very disappointing
Everyone is right. Vonage is very disappointing service. I signed up to get internet and phone. From the first day I could not get the internet to work. They sent me equipment and I followed their instructions from the tech support. I was on the phone with them for hours. After the 4th day trying to get everything hooked up the tech support person said something was wrong on my end. So I said ok cancel my service. I sent all the equipment back to Vonage and called to make sure they had received all their equipment back. They said yes everything was fine all equipment had been returned. Starting the end of last month a collection agency has been calling us. I told them we will dispute this. My point is please document everything if you deal with Vonage. That was our mistake. Can't just let someone tell you that everything is fine.

Ralph Read More
3/29/2016 Vonage should be out of business no one should
Vonage should be out of business no one should every use them again. I can not make phone calls they will not go out. when I get incoming calls people can not understand me. when I call tech support they tell me to up my speed and that it is the internet companies problem. They don't want to help horrible company

mike Read More
2/23/2016 Vonage - I had a problem with incoming calls. Got thru quickly to a live tech
I had a problem with incoming calls. Got thru quickly to a live tech, Rahul, who did impressive and intense troubleshooting and finally solved the problem! Excellent service! :)

Gerald Read More
2/9/2016 Vonage - Terrible NON existent customer service
Terrible NON existent customer service-they will call back in the order of which the call came it-I called last evening/this morning and now-NO return call-IS this a real company? We have 3 VONAGE lines that are down-JOKE

amy Read More
1/4/2015 Vonage - You better hope your service doesn't go out. I
You better hope your service doesn't go out. I spent 4 hours with tech service today and got totally
frustrated. I spoke with 4 different folks who had contrary actions. Finally 4 hours later they called to
tell me it was fixed .The first call I made went dead after about 2 minutes.
So I wasted my day -took 4 hours of my cell time I lost and am really made at my treatment working
with people not easy to understand.

Andy Read More
10/25/2014 Vonage - I am sure the Webmaster wont approve this comment
I am sure the Webmaster wont approve this comment !!! but that's ok Facebook is a social media they cant control!
I am VERY Dissatisfied with Vonage's bait and switch, then they tell you your total will be a certain amount each month. then excuses as to how fees are going up after 2 months???? Smells like bullshit to me!!!!!
I will be on other sites and make sure others stay far far away from your trap!!! I will also be contacting the state attorney generals office and BBB to report your sneaky and fraudulent policies!!!!


kim Read More
12/7/2013 Vonage customer service review and rating
last month on the 9th,we bought the vonage phone service...advertised as 9.99 a month,but after tax came to 17.90 a month...plus,to pay for the service they required us to get a prepaid card (another $4 per month & another $3 a month just to put money on the card) brought our total up to about $25 a month for 9.99 a month phone...yesterday i tried to put money on the visa card so that in 4 days when its due,the money will be there,wal mart says that card is no good & that its just a temporary card,visa should have mailed us the real card...so i call visa...they say they don't send out cards & they have nothing to do with any of it,they go through green dot bank & green dot bank takes care of all that,so they connected me to green dot bank...whose computer told me i gave them my wrong zip code,call back when i know my zip code,then hung up on me...i called visa back got reconnected to green dot whose computer now tells me i called the wrong number & hangs up on me again...so i call visa back who puts me on hold for a half hour while they try to connect me with a live green dot represenitive...they couldn't find one...so i called vonage,who ofcourse transferred me to an over seas customer service line,who asks me the security question "what is your favorite food" i said no one ever asked me that before so i dont know how you could have the answer to that...he says he does have the answer in front of him so i say fried chicken ofcourse...he tells me that's the wrong answer...so ofcourse i argue with him until he finally agrees i am who i say i am,then he tells me i owe $40...when i argued that cant be right,he told me he could make it less but i wouldn't be able to make international calls...i said the only time i ever make an international call is when a call a customer service line like this one & they transfer me to you guys...so after trying to explain to him that i have their money,i am trying to get it to him but the companies they have set up for me to have to go through aren't letting me pay...he tells me well you could pay through a friend or families account...i'm a grown man with a family,why should i have to get a friend or families account involved to pay my own bills? so i told him when the money's due & it's not on the card,just shut it off,we'll just use our cell phones,but i don't want this coming back on me being a mark against my credit saying i didn't pay my bill...so then the next morning they shut our service off, 4 days early,because i told him there wouldn't be any money on the card,because they weren't letting me add to it...

darrel Read More
4/29/2013 i have told the customer service that my vonage
i have told the customer service that my vonage service were disconnection,because the service i have by att,were disconnection,and i called them to let them know that about my service and that i want to stop that service with vonage,but they conution taken money out of my bank account,i feel that i don't owe them anything but the service is not working ,they need to refunded me my money back.

joyce Read More
2/7/2013 Vonage has done it again! I was very satisfied
Vonage has done it again! I was very satisfied when they had "true" English speaking customer service agents. Previously, when I had the same issue with my service, an American, "English" speaking person understood my problem & helped me resolve it by (1) truly listening, (2) understanding, not interrupting or speaking over me (3) truly communicating effectively.
I placed by cell phone (9) calls, informing each customer service agent that I was calling from my cell phone & if my call is dropeed to please call me back since each time I called, I had to go through the entire menu process.

I was had a dropped call, nobody called me back. I continued to call back 8 more times. The last two calls I placed, my call didnt drop.....THEY HUNG UP ON ME.

My husband had this same issue in 2004; he cancelled the service. I convinced him that they had lost customers & truly cared again, I returned to Vontage against my husband's approval. I was very satisfied since 2008......TONIGHT, I had the same experience as my husband had back in 2004.

I will never recommend VONAGE again!!!!! Everything they corrected with their Customer Service has returned. I truly believe they are using arrogant, difficult to understand Customer Service Agents from another country again!

Shame on them! I gave them my loyal business since July 2008........gave them a second chance & they treated me like dirt!

Connie Read More
8/1/2012 Vonage - It's been four or five years since we have had
It's been four or five years since we have had service disconnection from VONAGE and we still receive mailers. I can't tell you how often the company has been called to take us off their mailing list and yet we still receive their crap mail. Evidently all the operators I've spoken to don't care, don't listen or respect my request. There is obviously no communication to stop sending their mail. THIS IS A SIMPLE REQUEST THAT IS NOT BEING ACTED UPON!!!!!!!!

Lisa Read More
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