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1/15/2017 We have used VRBO many times and always been very
We have used VRBO many times and always been very happy with our experience. That is until last summer when we rented from VRBO but were actually connected with another rental agency Vacation Rental Authority in Idaho. We had a terrible experience with this company and were unable to get any support from VRBO.
I would highly recommend that VRBO now work with Vacation Rental Authority, who's owner is Robert Lantz.. He does not stand behind his commitment that the property we were renting was wheel chair accessible, they did not complete construction on a major remodel of the house, even though he assured us that it would be complete. The house had some sort of a toxic deal going on in the downstairs bedroom and bath that made it so that we could not use that room. Our family is large and we needed every bed in the house. This too was discussed in detail prior to our renting the house. It turned out that two of the kids in our family had to sleep outside in a tent due to the situation with the toxic fumes coming into the downstairs room. The maintenance people at Vacation Rental Authority were very nice but their hands were tied by the owner Robert Lantz, who would not support the work being done to help us out. There were multiple other issues like no screens on the windows, which we found behind an out building the day before we left. Mean while when ever we were cooking in the kitchen we had to keep all doors and windows closed to keep the bees out. We rented a 7 bdr 3 bath house for a family reunion of 21 people. When one bedroom and bathroom is taken out of the mix due to toxic fumes it makes for a very strained situation . I think the biggest mistake we made was not calling the public health department at the time and reporting the situation to the other authorities who may have been able to close this operation down. According to the lovely people that work for the owner of the company, he is notorious for things like this and they all expressed frustration with him. He came in person to talk with us and was very rude. He knew we were sort of stuck as we had brought in family from all over the country for this gathering. We could not just up and leave and find another alternative on the 4th of July week iln a resort area. He was delightful when I talked to him many times in prep for this trip but when it came down to delivering on his promises he could not have been more rude and quite scary with his threats.
The name of the house we rented was The Rancher at Hayden Lake, Idaho

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8/25/2016 VRBO - Matt from customer service was honestly
Matt from customer service was honestly outstanding.

Listened carefully, made sagde suggestions for my issue.



Thank you VRBO!

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7/19/2016 VRBO-We have several properties listed with you
VRBO-We have several properties listed with you and have been with you for 12 years. We are not at all happy with your new changes. I have tried to find a number to call and discuss these new ridiculous changes you are making to benefit your company. Now you are just finding a new way to rip us off. Us homeowners are trying to put kids through college, take care of aging parents,etc. Have you heard "Class Action Law Suit?" I have a feeling from the VRBO owners I know personally, and VRBO people I have rented from in the past who have contacted me because I've been doing this for so long asking my opinion one may be coming. One is a lawyer and mentioned a law suit is sure to come from thousands. I expect a call from you in the next 24 hours to address these issues. From a very unhappy loyal customer of 12 years.

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6/21/2016 I rented a unit from VRBO and posted an honest
I rented a unit from VRBO and posted an honest review. Apparently they don't like any negative things being said about the units even if it is the god's honest truth. They said I needed to revise my review which I am glad to do but the link says that the website is temporarily down. The only problem is that it has now said that for about a week so I'm pretty sure they would just like me to delete it entirely. And of course there is absolutely no phone number to get in touch with VRBO either. The take away message is do not trust reviews on VRBO because they don't want it to be there if it isn't glowingly positive. There may be a reason why there are no reviews or only a few mildly positive ones on a property that they have been renting for years. They will probably find a way to get this review squelched too.

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6/19/2016 VRBO - The most irresponsible organization I've ever done
The most irresponsible organization I've ever done business with. I've used them over 5 years and will never ever again. Impossible to contact. Foreign customer service reps who are idiots. They suck. They allow shyster rental property owners give false information about amenities, costs, conditions, and EVEN FALSE LOCATION INFORMATION. A recent guest told us of a place they rented thru VRBO. It said it was in Kiva Dunes Resort, a very nice high class destination. BUT IT WAS IN A LOW RENT CHEAP PLACE THAT HAD NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER. A noisy, run down, moldy, stinky place that was nothing as it was presented. Their neighbor in this joint said that they thought the same thing. Their listing said it was at Kiva Dunes also...RIP OFF

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3/18/2016 VRBO - I want someone to contact me asap. I have had my
I want someone to contact me asap. I have had my listing for several years and was somewhat satisfied but now I am totally unhappy. I cannot find a phone no. to call. I could only find one number to call and when I did, I was told it was the wrong number and they immediately hung up on me. The information that is currently posted on my site is incorrect, I can't reach anyone to tell them. I haven't been able to correct it myself. It is information that I never posted.
I want to discontinue my service asap.

Susie Read More
3/16/2016 VRBO _- I need to cancel my service and you are
VRBO _- I need to cancel my service and you are making it hard.

I am VRBO199559
James T. Eddins, Phone # 8433888035

Please contact me

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3/13/2016 I have a one year subscription to VRBO
I have a one-year subscription to VRBO at the bronze level and have had that for several years. I have been delighted with it the way it was. I do my own cleaning, therefore, I don't need cleaning help. I vet my own tenants and have been very successful in doing that. I read their e-mail message then I talk to them on the phone about the rules and regulations when renting my cottage. I don't need someone to choose my tenants for me as I'm quite capable and better than any realtor I've used in the past in terms of having high-quality tenants. I handle my own deposits and payments without the aid of anyone. I don't want someone else to handle MY money. I handle my own insurance and don't need help to do that. In other words, I'm using VRBO on the website to show photos of my cottage. That's all I want and if I must have other services that you will require, I will no longer use you for my advertising. The only service I need is photos of my cottage on a website and NOTHING more.

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2/26/2016 VRBO - Greetings, I spent the better part of a day
Greetings, I spent the better part of a day attempting to post some updated 'photos' of my rental on VRBO -- no mater what I've done (size, cropping, or MB's, etc) none of the photos will upload onto their website ... I'm using a MAC w/ iPhoto -- any suggestions because I can't get anyone at VRBO on the phone...?

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2/24/2016 Very disappointed with the new fee on VRBO
I am very disappointed with the new (as of January 1, 2016) "service fee." In four years I have had two persons have to cancel their reservation at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. One of the travelers had to wait over six months to be reimbursed. We can only hope the new 4% -10% "service fee" (The fee has been consistently 10%) helps expedite the process. It is what it is... like a $12 hot dog and a $16 beer at the ballpark. we can only hope we have a superstar like Lebron James working for us, in fact, the customer support representative I spoke may very well be the Michael Jordan of customer service. Please be polite to any support person you talk to, for they have a tough job that is just getting tougher. For the people who could not find a phone number on the VRBO website, the phone number for Home Away is 877-202-4291.

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12/23/2015 This is in regard - I made a deposit - but no response
This is in regard #338932
I made a deposit in the account the owner indicated me and I haven't had any confirmation yet. This was a week ago. He does not answer my emails. Can you contact him and confirm me if he received my deposit?

Ricardo Read More
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