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5/28/2016 VUDU Movies - please close up shop .. no you don't have to do
please close up shop .. no you don't have to do that you will be out of business soon enough anyway

robertRead More
3/2/2014 VUDU Movies - I am really upset with your customer service ...
I am really upset with your customer service ... why is it so hard to reach a human being and why also is it so hard for you to respond online.... I am on the phone now and all I hear is silence but there is still a connection. I ordered a movie online on my vudu account and it will play on my computer and not on my tv. I have vudu stream through my bluray player and it comes up on my hd flatscreen tv. so I tried to order it on the tv vudu ap and it says I have no sufficient funds at wal mart.... wal mart has my credit account and I have ordered things through walmart before so I don't understand. I don't want to rent it you can probably understand. please contact me on this matter I had my daughter over for dinner and a movie last night and it was very embarrassing

BarbaraRead More
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