VZW Phone Number



Dial 611 from your VZW mobile phone.

#BAL (#225) + (SEND) Check balance
#MIN (#646) + (SEND) Minutes used
#PMT (#768) + (SEND) Make payment
Prepay Shortcuts:
*611 + (SEND) Check balance
*86 + (SEND) Voice Mail
#PMT (#768) + (SEND) Make payment

Phone Number

1-800-922-0204After entering mobile number, press 0 at menu.


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7/15/2013 VZW - Verizon customer care has degraded big-time and
Verizon customer care has degraded big-time and continues to do so. I have been a customer for 10+ years with multiple lines. Now I am forced to look at other carriers because of the poor customer service. Reps do not know what they are talking about - lack product and service knowledge, tell lies, and are generally incompetent. I have been disconnected by a representative more than once because they could not fix the problem. This reflects a lack of strong management and training. I pay way too much money every month for this poor performance. Bye-bye VZW!

Bye VZW!Read More
1/23/2011 VZW - This company does not stand by the products they
This company does not stand by the products they sell!!!!! On my 3rd phone and need a 4th still having the same exact problems. asked for a different device and they said "we can cant do that. You can only get the same phone thru their bull*** warreny even if it has the same problems"

Verizon sucksRead More
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