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10/1/2013 Walgreens Photo Center - I went to Blytheville Ar store and nobody
I went to Blytheville Ar store and nobody understood how to work photo computer. They said people do it on home computer. If you put something in your store they should know how to help you. What ever happened to in services. I think the young man and myself ordered a single poster on 9-21-2013 and still have heard nothing. I called store they said it would be 10-5-2013. My friends said always use Wal-Mart.

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11/20/2012 Walgreens Photo Center - Walgreens non-approval of viewing my photos online!: Customer Review 11.20.12
I have purchased numerous photo CD's and I cannot download the pictures into my PICTURES unless I am FORCED to have them downloaded to Walgreens Photo Online. THIS IS AN INVASION OF MY PRIVACY and I did NOT give my consent.
member of clergy

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