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702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611 USA

7 Days 24 Hours

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Tech Support: 1-800-925-6278
Corporate Phone: 1-479-273-4000 1-800-966-6546 Customer Service Address:
850 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94066

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1-800-925-6278Press 1433.


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1/13/2017 WalMart - bought a washer online and got it yesterday and it
bought a washer online and got it yesterday and it has 2 dents in on it who can i contact

sandyRead More
1/12/2017 WalMart - waiting for reply on my purchase of zenith lighted
waiting for reply on my purchase of zenith lighted medicine cabinet order # 6101650700946 cabinet came with broken mirrors and other damage-- you said to mail back to sender I will-not purchased from/through you now you take care of my problem!

thomasRead More
1/10/2017 WalMart - I purchased a trampoline online through
I purchased a trampoline online through for my grand daughters December 6, 2016.(Order # 6121652-569330) Unfortunately, my son and daughter-in-law did not think the girls were old enough yet and requested I return it. I tried to return the item which was in it's original carton and had not been opened to my local Walmart store. I was told they could not accept the item there and that the item had to be returned to BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS. I was given their phone number (844-948-8400). I was told that I would need a RETURN ATHOURIZATION NUMBER from their customer service department before I could return the item. I have called their customer service depart several times and have been place on hold by an automated system for over 30 minutes each time. I NEED HELP. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT WALMART.COM WOULD EVEN HAVE BUSINESS TIES WITH A COMPANY THAT TREATS CUSTOMERS IN SUCH A WAY.

CharlesRead More
1/9/2017 I bought a sentry personal safe from Walmart, It
I bought a sentry personal safe from Walmart, It didn't come with any instructions, I threw away the box, The paper work that was supposed to be in the box was not in there, So All I have is a key, I cant use the electronic key pad because there was no documentation in the box, I called sentry and they said to exchange it it but I don't have the recept or the box what do I do?

CarolineRead More
12/22/2016 WalMart - I have read most of the negative comments and
I have read most of the negative comments and maybe I'm just lucky or live in an area where the service is good. I started using WalMart with the shipping pass now for 6 months and I am VERY happy with the timeliness and prices that they offer . I did have a little problem getting some tires ordered as their system was down but the customer service person was Awesom and did everything she could do help me . To this date, WalMart is the best thing that I have found for products and availablity. The Shipping Pass is a great deal.

LeeRead More
12/16/2016 WalMart - I live in Silver City, NM and can no longer enter
I live in Silver City, NM and can no longer enter your store. You have installed a "WalMart Radio" sound system that is intolerable. The volume is very loud and the sound unpleasant. Everyone I have commented to about the sound level find it very uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in the store. I was told by an employee when it first went in that it was based on a survey that more people enjoyed music than those that did not. If this is the case please keep in mind that people who like music can and will still shop in your store without it and even they may not enjoy what you are playing and at that volume. There are many of us, due to hearing related health problems, who CANNOT enter the store. I did most of my shopping, even had my car serviced there but can no longer. This is a handicap that is not addressed in most places and we are rather isolated but to not be able to shop in the only large store in the area is sure making life difficult. Migraine sufferers, seizure disorder triggered by sound, missophonia, hyperacustics, and tinnitus are restricted from going many places. Thank goodness there are libraries!

CharlotteRead More
12/6/2016 WalMart - Wal-Mart cancels sales of big TVs for $99You
Wal-Mart cancels sales of big TVs for $99

You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm on a budget and I thought I was getting an nice TV for my Family. You care nothing about telling the truth and standing by your deals.

SheellyRead More
11/6/2016 WalMart - I live outside Crossville TN and do my shopping at
I live outside Crossville TN and do my shopping at the Crossville location, I have done the grocery shopping for my family for the past 35 years, I do a lot of shopping through sporting good and other departments, over the past year it seems that you guys are always short two to three items every time , I get discouraged when I go town and have to leave Wal-Mart to go to another store to pick up items, I get discouraged when I have to ask an associate to check for merchandise and have to wait around, some of your employees will scan to check, some will just nudge their shoulder and say: if its not there we don't have it, I spoke with a customer service manager Yesterday morning and, she really did not show a true interest in my complaint acted like she was in a hurry and couldn't wait to go another direction, I spend a lot of my hard earned money at Wal-Mart and I do work and have a job, I can do better with my budget there but will start checking out Kroger , Food City and Dunham's to find what I need and even pay more for a better service if needed.PS: I WAS REALLY UPSET YESTERDAY BECAUSE OF BEING ON CRUTCES AND HAVING MY SON TO PUSH MY BUGGIE AND TO GO TO THE AUTOMOTIVE DEPARTMENT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE TO GET THE TYPE OF OIL I ALWAYS USE, TO FIND OUT YOU ALL WERE OUT,SO ALONE WITH NOT HAVING THE SWEET AND SOUR MIX AND THE OIL, THERE ARE YOUR TWO ITEMS THIS WEEK, THIS HAS WENT ON EVERY OTHER WEEK THROUGH OUT THE PAST YEAR, I GET PAID BYWEEKLY,I CAN'T WAIT TILL CROSSVILLE GETS A TARGET AND SOME OTHER FOOD CHAINS SO THEN MAYBE YOUR ACCOSIATES WOULD HAVE APPRICIATED THE CUSTOMERS THEY ONCE HAD!

DannyRead More
11/5/2016 WalMart - I purchased a pair of house shoes last week and I
I purchased a pair of house shoes last week and I washed them on Thursday and the top of both of them unraveled. I went to the customer service desk yesterday and was told she couldn't help me. It was my lost. I have a Walmart credit card and several months ago I paid it off. I have recently started using it again, but after she was no help I feel like I should stop shopping at Walmart all together. All I was asking for was an exchange of a $12 pair of house shoes that fell apart after just a week. It wasn't like I was trying to steal, or even ask for my money back. Every month I spend at least $600-$700 in your stores. If this is the way you treat your loyal customers, I can do without the trouble and hatefulness of your employees.

MarianneRead More
10/25/2016 WalMart - Do you have Hatchimals in stock at the store?
Do you have Hatchimals in stock at the store?

MadalinRead More
10/17/2016 WalMart - I am upset that beef marrow bones will no longer
I am upset that beef marrow bones will no longer Bo sold at your cary nc Kildare farm store. They were alway fresh with good dates and I bought 2 to 3 packs a week. Please reconsider your decisions

GeorgeRead More
10/13/2016 WalMart - I need to return my order # 2576657643753
I need to return my order # 2576657643753

Dianne Read More
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