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702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611 USA

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Tech Support: 1-800-925-6278
Corporate Phone: 1-479-273-4000 1-800-966-6546 Customer Service Address:
850 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94066

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1-800-925-6278Press 1433.


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11/23/2015 I received a check in the mail from Walmart for doing on line work
I received a check in the mail from Walmart for doing online work. I did not ask for this job!!!!! I will tear up check they sent. I tried to e-mail them and call and I could get no one to talk to me. It said on the paper to e-mail or, but it would not go through. I am 65 and I have cancer so not interested in the job.

Beatrice BelcherRead More
11/14/2015 I have TRIED TO UNSUBSCRIBE from the walmart email
I have TRIED TO UNSUBSCRIBE from the walmart email list, but I hit the place one should click and their own
service won't accept their email address. This is despicable. One should be able to unsubscribe without any difficulty at all!

CeliaRead More
11/11/2015 WalMart - my order no.5821590541008 was picked at the store
my order no.5821590541008 was picked at the store part of it is not there, called the store and they gave me a number to call, which I did and the woman that answered said "I am to busy to help you. How the heck do I get Help now? This a very rude customer service, I need some answers now

EarlRead More
11/3/2015 Our experience while trying to shop at this Walmart is always tenuous at best
I am a grown woman, legally blind and use a guide dog. Our Walmart is located in Redding, California. Our experience while trying to shop at this Walmart is always tenuous at best due to the fact that this store allows any dog into their store regardless of its ability to provide a legal service to the owner. Due to the total lack of ADA law, along with California law pertaining to the same, this store has put my guide dog and me in harms way multiple times by allowing pets into the store. My guide dog has been attacked twice now by owners pets along with being barked at and rushed by people's pets that are not service dogs. When does it end and how far do the threats have to go before Walmart takes responsibility by asking the appropriate questions of each guest who arrives at their door with a dog? According to ADA law any place of business is allowed to ask two (2) questions: The first being, is your dog a service dog? and the second, What is service does your dog perform for you? Neither question is often NOT Asked and if you are asked "Is your dog a service dog" and the person says yes, then that is their passport to entry, even if it is so obvious that the dog is NOT a service dog. Many times the dog is barking, pulling on the leash, dirty and totally untrained. How obvious does it have to be? What I get when I speak to a manager is, "We don't want to insult our guests" if the dog is truly a service dog, the owner won't be insulted but happy that their rights in using a service dog are not being violated by others. False actions like these make it difficult others who truly need a service dog. Come on Walmart, stop doing the wrong thing and start stepping up to the plate by protecting those who truly need to use a service dog. Start Asking the right and appropriate questions and sending the message to those who violate the law will be punished or at least refused entry to your store.

PamRead More
10/29/2015 WalMart - your gift card service sucks because there IS
your gift card service sucks because there IS NONE! I have a problem with the card..because for some reason Walmart gift card is holding my money pending when there is no order and I cannot use the money nor can I even speak with anyone.the phone number on the back of the card and all over the internet are automated...
this is now costing me $100.extra because I am not able to order the item that is $100.less tonight and back on regular price thank you Walmart...
I usually buy a lot of these visa gift cards and last year had a problem and after hours of calls etc..etc..I finally reached a person ..but they couldn't help...I had to wait 48 hours for the problem to go who is going to pay be the extra $100. I am losing tonight because Walmart gift card is holding my money I cannot make my purchase and save $100. this is absolutely ridiculous I am not able to even EMAIL ANYONE because the contacts are the automated service or mail Walmart a me how that helps me tonight.....
your program sucks...your lack of setting up any kind of live customer service this day and age is absolutely absurd...a big company like Walmart cant have a live operator to support the gift cards you sell...well guess who isn't going to buy any more gift cards and tell everyone else I know not to waste the 4.95 to use walmarts cards...because they don't care they have no support and this now cost me an extra 100. because I wasn't able to use money that I put on the card specifically for MY PURCHASE TONIGHT...are you going to send me a separate gift card with the $100. ...

kRead More
10/19/2015 I have had a walmart charge card for a few years.
I have had a walmart charge card for a few years. recently I got an email saying the walmart charge card was going to be changed to a card with either visa or mastercard logo. That was about 3 months ago. I have not received the new card or any more info about the card. And I'd like to know, if I am going to get a new card with the new logo. Also calling your customer svc number of 800 925-6278 is very frustrating to try to speak with a live person. Whom I finally got, but she was no help at all

MayRead More
10/15/2015 I have had a Walmart credit card for years
I have had a Walmart credit card for years and have always paid it in full. I didn't receive a statement in September but did get a statement in October which I was due to pay by 27th but they suspended my card over a $35 late fee for September. I have paid balances on my card of over $1600 in some months and have never had an issue. I have cancelled my credit card and will never step foot in Walmart again. You have lost a good customer due to a ridiculous policy and don't care attitude in your credit department

newtRead More
10/11/2015 WalMart - If you had a 0 star I would press it. I have been
If you had a 0 star I would press it. I have been trying for over and hour to order a replacement part for my nearly now tent. I have even tried to call the corporate office. I have never been able to contact anyone about ordering replacement parts. I press the same numbers at all the numbers listed and get absolutely no where. If it wasn't for the fact that the only place to shop where I live without driving nearly 100 miles (one way) to get service I would never go back to a Wal-Mart store. I spend over a $1,000 dollars in you store a month. It would be nice to get a simple thing like a replacement part for one of your own products with out having to buy a whole new tent.

BobRead More
10/8/2015 purchased a Roku 3 from Walmart. He had trouble getting it to connect to our tv
My husband Charles Miller purchased a Roku 3 from Walmart. He had trouble getting it to connect to our tv. On the screen, it gave him a number to call. Unfortunately, I don't have that number now to report it to you. Evidently somehow Roku 3 system was hacked and the rep he talked to from number given on tv screen told him what keys to press on computer to get Roku 3 to connect and when they couldn't find a solution was trying to tell him our system was completely corrupted and that they needed to connect him to another person that would fix it and save him a lot of money. They also wanted to know what all we had connected to this system. My husband grew suspicious and told him we'd get someone out here to check it out and hung up. This person called back and still insisted he could save him a lot of money. My husband again told him he would get someone out here and that he was suspicious of the call. After my husband hung up again and went to his computer it wouldn't let him online and evidently all the keys this person told him to click did corrupt his computer. It was a new computer with no problems previously. He had to take his computer into a local computer shop and have it repaired. They told him this was the fourth computer that had been hacked and that they had to repair caused by this number he had called; and they have reported it.. We don't hold you in any way responsible but feel you should know about it to keep other customers from having this nightmare of a problem. We later did try connecting Roku 3 again to our tv and the connection went through without any problems. We hadn't given any personal information or credit card numbers nor passwords, etc; so we figured we were okay with trying to connect the unit up again. On box: Serial #: 4E6546038419 Model #: 4230RW Lot #: 5200139303 I hope you can get this cleared up and corrected and mostly find out who did this dishonest thing and have them dealt with. We are very happy with the system; but it seems to have a glitch sometimes with the sound for a few seconds.

NancyRead More
10/1/2015 WalMart - I am still on hold with your customer service
I am still on hold with your customer service dept. trying to get your store in Thomasville, Ga. to answer the phone.

JoeRead More
9/14/2015 I am having the same issue what drama with Walmart
last month I order some baby things for my new granddaughter everything went through so recently I tried ordering things for my other kids I get an email that the order is being processed then 10 minutes later they send me another email cancelling my order due to incorrect information on my credit card, I called the card company and THEY SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE, so what the hell is the problem I called Walmart few weeks ago they said they would fix it and now I am having the same issue what drama with Walmart.

jean Read More
9/7/2015 WalMart - From reviews below, I feel you need to go back to your original commitment to your customers.
After reading the reviews, while trying to find a place to make a simple complaint, I am very disappointed to learn that evidently Walmart is not the company I thought it was. I've always thought your company provided an opportunity for all people to be able to shop and find a variety of affordable items. I spend a few thousand dollars there a year. I buy quite a few Great Value Items and this is first time I have had a real problem with one. The new clear dish detergent does not clean. I rinse all items and use normal wash. Since I live alone, the dishwasher is rarely overcrowded. I had noticed some spoons had to be rewashed, but on the third use of this product, I found cups, bowls, and plates with residue on them that was barely discernable, but could feel a roughness, so knew items not clean. From reviews below, I feel you need to go back to your original commitment to your customers.

joRead More
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