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Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611 USA

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Tech Support: 1-800-925-6278
Corporate Phone: 1-479-273-4000 1-800-966-6546 Customer Service Address:
850 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94066

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1-800-925-6278Press 1433.


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10/8/2015 purchased a Roku 3 from Walmart. He had trouble getting it to connect to our tv
My husband Charles Miller purchased a Roku 3 from Walmart. He had trouble getting it to connect to our tv. On the screen, it gave him a number to call. Unfortunately, I don't have that number now to report it to you. Evidently somehow Roku 3 system was hacked and the rep he talked to from number given on tv screen told him what keys to press on computer to get Roku 3 to connect and when they couldn't find a solution was trying to tell him our system was completely corrupted and that they needed to connect him to another person that would fix it and save him a lot of money. They also wanted to know what all we had connected to this system. My husband grew suspicious and told him we'd get someone out here to check it out and hung up. This person called back and still insisted he could save him a lot of money. My husband again told him he would get someone out here and that he was suspicious of the call. After my husband hung up again and went to his computer it wouldn't let him online and evidently all the keys this person told him to click did corrupt his computer. It was a new computer with no problems previously. He had to take his computer into a local computer shop and have it repaired. They told him this was the fourth computer that had been hacked and that they had to repair caused by this number he had called; and they have reported it.. We don't hold you in any way responsible but feel you should know about it to keep other customers from having this nightmare of a problem. We later did try connecting Roku 3 again to our tv and the connection went through without any problems. We hadn't given any personal information or credit card numbers nor passwords, etc; so we figured we were okay with trying to connect the unit up again. On box: Serial #: 4E6546038419 Model #: 4230RW Lot #: 5200139303 I hope you can get this cleared up and corrected and mostly find out who did this dishonest thing and have them dealt with. We are very happy with the system; but it seems to have a glitch sometimes with the sound for a few seconds.

NancyRead More
10/1/2015 WalMart - I am still on hold with your customer service
I am still on hold with your customer service dept. trying to get your store in Thomasville, Ga. to answer the phone.

JoeRead More
9/14/2015 I am having the same issue what drama with Walmart
last month I order some baby things for my new granddaughter everything went through so recently I tried ordering things for my other kids I get an email that the order is being processed then 10 minutes later they send me another email cancelling my order due to incorrect information on my credit card, I called the card company and THEY SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE, so what the hell is the problem I called Walmart few weeks ago they said they would fix it and now I am having the same issue what drama with Walmart.

jean Read More
9/7/2015 WalMart - From reviews below, I feel you need to go back to your original commitment to your customers.
After reading the reviews, while trying to find a place to make a simple complaint, I am very disappointed to learn that evidently Walmart is not the company I thought it was. I've always thought your company provided an opportunity for all people to be able to shop and find a variety of affordable items. I spend a few thousand dollars there a year. I buy quite a few Great Value Items and this is first time I have had a real problem with one. The new clear dish detergent does not clean. I rinse all items and use normal wash. Since I live alone, the dishwasher is rarely overcrowded. I had noticed some spoons had to be rewashed, but on the third use of this product, I found cups, bowls, and plates with residue on them that was barely discernable, but could feel a roughness, so knew items not clean. From reviews below, I feel you need to go back to your original commitment to your customers.

joRead More
8/27/2015 Walmart bowing down to the leftists will get you nowhere
Bowing down to leftist will get you nowhere, stand up to them.Bring back handgun sales. And don't quit selling rifles and shotguns.

JohnRead More
8/25/2015 WalMart Absolutely terrible and Totally incompetent
Absolutely terrible. Totally incompetent. Also - why do companies like Walmart assign telephone duties to people who use English as a second language? Maddening

FrancesRead More
8/12/2015 WalMart - I have had it with you! The employees don't seem
I have had it with you! The employees don't seem to want to help. won't even answer questions. All the employees do is stand around and talk to each other. I couldn't even get the price on an item I thought about buying. No answers to any questions! Last time for me.

Arvid Read More
8/11/2015 Paid a bounced check to WalMart and I'm still having problems with it
i paid a bounced check to you 3 years ago and i am still having problems with it i am not paying it twice 146 please clear me thank you

alvahRead More
8/10/2015 WalMart - How do I contact someone to cover a bounced check
How do I contact someone to cover a bounced check

PeanutRead More
8/9/2015 WalMart - On Wednesday, I was shopping at Wal Mart mart
On Wednesday, I was shopping at Wal Mart mart store in Mt. Olive NC 28365. I dropped a bottle of vinegar and the glass shattered. There was no one on that particular aisle at that moment so I went to the deli area to ask an employee to please find someone to clean the area. I was afraid someone would get hurt. Just as I got to the deli area__I felt something on my foot I looked down and I was standing in a puddle of blood. I think a little shard of glass punctured a vein. Then I called for help for myself. Bob, an assistant manager in the store came running as well as several other employees who brought bandages and paper towels. Bob tightly wound paper towels and bandages around my foot and applied pressure. We live close to the store __I called my husband and daughter and by the time they arrived, Bob had the bleeding in check. Bob asked if I would like for him to call the rescue, but I declined.
All the people who helped me were wonderful and I just wanted you to know. Thank you.

FayeRead More
8/8/2015 WalMart - my daughter ordered a 12 volt Dodge truck for her
my daughter ordered a 12 volt Dodge truck for her sons birthday with it being sent to her house. Put the payment on her credit card. The order went through and we got a order number. The order showed processing. They said they would send a shipment text notice when it shipped. Well no notice was sent and his birthday was coming. On the order it still showed processing. She called customer service and all they could tell her is what she all ready knew. They were looking at the same screen. He said he didn't know what was happening, to wait 2 or 3 day. This now is after the birthday. She ask about canceling the order and he told her she could but he could not do anything with the order so it could still show up and she would be charged. We had to rush to get other things for his birthday and now was told to just wait and see what happens. This is the second time this has happened to us ordering on line. If Walmart can not do a better job fixing a problem, why have customer service????? The other question is if Walmart can not do a better job with there on line products, maybe they should quit. My son was going to order a truck for his daughter the same way and we told him to forget it. Thanks for a not happy birthday!!!!

DebbieRead More
8/3/2015 WalMart - Very disappointed today to find your 1259 store
Very disappointed today to find your 1259 store out of Equate overnight incontinence pads. These are a necessity for me and apparently either they were out of stock or you just aren't carrying them anymore. Also this store has stopped carrying cat grass. The London store carries both so far as I know but is a 20+ mile round trip for me. However, if I have to go there to get those two items, I might as well get everything else I need while I am in London. Also, I spent over $80 today and did not get a survey receipt. Though this store is most convenient for me since I live in Corbin, I hope you will see fit to start stocking the two items I've mentioned again.

FrancesRead More
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