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Tech Support: 1-800-925-6278
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1/10/2013 Long Lines and waiting at Walmart's Pharmacy
Long Lines and waiting at Walmart's Pharmacy Department 2013

Had a real nice day of standing in line at the pharmacy! They had misplaced a prescription from my doctor for pain meds...on Monday! I have been without them for three days and still had to wait in line for 55 minutes to get them. Sorry excuse for a pharmacy!! They have no compassion for their customers!

Tired of StandingRead More
5/29/2013 is very disrespectful, rude, and can is very disrespectful, rude, and can not answer a question! I have emailed and called due to internet issues, they reply with
We are very sorry to inform you that currently, we are unaware of any technical problems that might affect the availability of our Web site. Before you try to access your account to place the order(s) again, please check your Web browser's settings to make sure that cookies, Java Applications and JavaScript are enabled on your computer. With these features enabled from your Web browser, you should have no problem accessing If you need further assistance on any of these instructions, please contact your Internet Service Provider.
HA HA HA really? My mobile ap is not working now is my home or work computer so I call they say Yes they are aware of these issues but can not help - they say they can not even place the order ha ha ha REALLY. what good is it to email or call. I will be taking my order of 82 items. to another retailer!

BeccaRead More
1/10/2013 Walmart employee tired of being treated like crap
Walmart employee tired of being treated like crap

I was pregnant with my second daughter and had to take out early in October the 19th because i was having complications with my pregnancy and i had my second daughter November 18th of 2012 and i have another daughter she is 23 months old. I came back to work on january 4th and i have a D-day it was supposed to be over on may 10th and it got extended at the end of August becuse i was out for Maternity leave. My Question is why did my D-DAY get extended until the end of August, when it was supposed to be May 10th? To me i don't think it's right, i have been working for Walmart since October of 2003. Almost 10 years for this company and i'm tired of getting treated like crap

Tired MamaRead More
6/3/2013 To whom it may concern i have shoped at walmarts
To whom it may concern i have shoped at walmarts for a long while now and i do like walmarts for most of things that i purchase there. But the time that i needed to purchase a headset for my computer and asked the sales person which one might work better with the type of computer that i have the sales person said they had no knowledge of computers or headsets . Now why would walmart have sales people who work in the electronics department who haveent any knowledge of the electronics that are being sold there. And when i needed a service person to help me find something theres never one around to do so. You need to make some changes at walmarts aspecialy with the training of your sales persons when it comes to having knowledge of the electroics that they are selling. And as far as it comes to your service people are concerned they need to be around when a customer needs assisance in looking for something or any thing is a good store lets make it better.thank you fro your attention in this matter. ms ismalun

carolRead More
6/7/2013 WalMart - This company is dealing in deseptive sale
This company is dealing in deseptive sale practices by selling straight talk fones with unlimited text talk and wireless. The company will red flag your fone if they deem that you have used to much web access and can and will cancel your fone with no refund. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM CONTACT THE ATTORNY GENERAL, BBB, FCC AND YOUR LOCAL NEWS AND LET THEM KNOW OF THIS MISLEADING SALES WITH STRAIGHT TALK BEING SOLD BY WALMART STORES. PLEASE JOIN CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST WALMART AND STRAIGHT TALK.

SIDRead More
1/10/2013 Walmart please support the 2nd Amendment
Walmart please support the 2nd Amendment & your customers 2013

Wal-mart- Please have your consumers intrest in mind when you visit with Washington. Remember, they are trying to get rid of the 2nd amendment. What ever they offer you will be taken away after a short time. Just like they do with everything else they offer. Get the acceptance with promises of money and then when everyone agrees they take it away. Better to keep the longterm money coming in with your consumers than the short term money from the government.

AnonRead More
1/10/2013 WalMart - This is a formal complaint for service received at
This is a formal complaint for service received at the Baker, LA store. On yesterday, January 9, 2013, I visited the automotive department between 6:00 p.m. and 6:25 p.m., there were 3 other customers waiting. Two or Three of the customers were needing keys made including myself. There was no employees there to wait on us, later a walmart employee waved from outside the window stating someone will be with you. 10 to 15 minutes rolled by an employee by the name of Travis (mgr.) came in very friendly greeting everyone and right behind him the other employee the lady that said someone will be with us just standing and watching. I asked her (Holly - mgr.) could she make us some keys while he was assisting the other customer and her knowing how long we had been waiting. Holly stated "No, he is going to do it" and just stood there the entire time while Travis wait on all the customers and make keys. Mr. Travis constantly apologizing and greeting everyone so graciously. Later a couple of other automotive employees walked through. Still Holly just standing and watching. This agravated me to the fullest. This is bad customer service that need to be revisited or retrained. Please correct this matter.

Cassandra VictorRead More
5/23/2013 I contacted Walmart's Customer Service Department
I contacted Walmart's Customer Service Department on two weeks ago regarding an online order I had placed wherein the wrong merchandise was shipped even though I received an e-mail verifying what I had ordered had been shipped. That was the least of my concerns - my daughter, son-in-law, and I were berated, ridiculed, and argued with by at least five store employees; a manager, a receiving clerk, and three customer service employees. To date Walmart has chosen to ignore the behavior of their personnel which indicates to me this corporation has little or no respect for it's customers. I find it extremely ironic that there is no way to get through to upper level management to rectify this situation. I can honestly say I have never been treated so crudely at any other store in my 66 years on this earth!!!

MillieRead More
6/27/2013 WalMart - We are a group called Support Paula Deen we
We are a group called Support Paula Deen

we understand you have dropped her as a spokeswoman for her products Big mistake.We are boycotting the following. Food Network, QVC, Smithfield Hams,and now Wal Mart the list is getting bigger & bigger when will it end.Sure hope your investors don't mind loosing money,looks like they will. Enough is enough she apologized lets move on

Support Paula Deen Read More
6/14/2013 WalMart - We have been using Johnson & Johnson products
We have been using Johnson & Johnson products for our baby every since she was a new born. We choose to do this because Johnson & Johnson has been a trusted product name in our country for years. Once again we have found that American products now being manufactured in other countries can no longer be trusted as they were when their plants were in America.
Recently we found out that Johnson & Johnson has been using quaternium 15 as a preservative that kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has been declared a known human carcinogen by the U.S. National Toxicology Program many years ago. An infants scalp is more permeable than an adult and there immune systems less developed than an adult, so exposure to harmful and even lethal products can cause more harm for babies than adults.
We are sending this letter to Walmart because we normally buy our Johnson & Johnson products at Walmart stores. We have a full bottle of Johnson & Johnson head to toe wash, prechaised at Walmart longer than the 90 day return policy. We don't know what to do with it. We certainly will not use it! We will not risk the life of our child.

ConnieRead More
1/10/2013 Walmart versus Target 2013
Walmart versus Target 2013

I shop at the Methuen Massachusetts Walmart Store on 70 pleasant Street. I have found some fantastic bargains at this store and over all enjoy shopping there. The pharmacy people are competent and friendly. The lines are some what long at certain times of day, but when everyone piles into the store right after work its bound to happen. Whats a few minutes wait in line anyways. No big deal. Walmart has allows answered any phone calls or letters I have sent and resolved all issues. In my humble opinion its a good place to shop. There is a Targets right across the street from this Walmart and it is empty "ALL" the time. Everyone is in Walmart .... LOL

We are all Walmart PeopleRead More
1/22/2013 WalMart - Dear Sir/MadamI purchased minutes for my trac
Dear Sir/Madam
I purchased minutes for my trac phone and was unable to add my time utilising my add minutes feature on the phone.After numerous atempts I eventually had to call trac phone on their i 800 number.SinceI do not have a land line,I had to use my cell phone.I went
through about 10 minutes of time with the trac phone representative.I went to your outlet
in Casa Grande and asked the associate if I was entitled to a credit and her response
was that I should contact customer service.She could have phoned for me but she did not
seem to be too interested.I think that with Walmart's purchasing power that this kind of
thing could be avoided by changing policy to accomodate cusomers.This was so out of context with your policy it does not equate.

jimRead More
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