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5/22/2014 Purchased a Walmart Money Card and can't get a live person
I just purchased a Walmart Money Card. I can't get into contact with any LIVE PERSON. I tried using the online activation website but I am only having MORE dificulties. The wibsite tells me that my Home Address is NOT valid. I live here and have for 8 years. I know my address but your stupid program does'nt know !#@$% !!! Also in the town that I live there is NO Home Delivery from the U. S. Postal Service. We all have P.O. Boxes. That is where we receive OUR MAIL ! I am quite angery with the fact that this is occuring like this. Where is CUSTOMER SERVICE, If you can't provide any better service than this, that is PATHETIC ! I NEED to speak to someone who is able to correct this mess of tech trash in order for me to be able to use this card. Otherwise YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM has Cost me both time and money. The mear fact that I am having to write this message is angering me even beyond that. The Customer Service Department concerning this matter is tolaly unacceptable ! My contact number

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