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1/30/2017 Walt Disney World - I recently returned from a visit to Disney World
I recently returned from a visit to Disney World and the experience was fantastic. This was one of several visits, and hopefully my family will visit again, as they are in possession of life-time passes. Last trip for me, I'm getting too old for all of that walking. My complaint is to the State of Florida. Upon return, I received a citation for unpaid tolls ($3.50). Under no circumstances did I omit paying a toll, so I called them. It was then that I was told that I used a toll road that did not have a booth, nor did they have a way to pay cash (duh). I stupidly asked what they expected me to do. Of course they told me that I was on a Sun-Pass road (not sure what that was either) and I was suppose to pay. Unfortunately for me, I never saw a sign and never knew that I was suppose to pay or even get off if I wasn't. But I do know this, I am mad as hell that they sent me this bill as if I tried to run away without paying them this $3.50 and as many of you already know, we spent a heck of a lot more than $3.50 on this vacation. (I digress). My point is this... Disney should know how the State of Florida is treating their out-of-state visitors, especially since they are probably raking in lots of revenue for them. Although, my driving record is more important than the amount, I will pay.....but I did resister my complaint with the FPOP and I want to register this complaint with Disney, as well.

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1/4/2017 Walt Disney World - Hello.We are a group of 18 and have 3 special
We are a group of 18 and have 3 special needs children travelling from England to Disney in May.
Please could you tell me (1), can we obtain fast track passes for the s.n. kids, (2) if so what documentation is required for proof of disability. (3) if l am emailing the wrong people, can you give me the correct email please?
Best wishes and happy new year.

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12/13/2016 Walt Disney World - You have taken out a good part of the "magic" of
You have taken out a good part of the "magic" of Disney by closing down the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. By far the BEST display at Disney ever! I am so disappointed. My children and grandchildren were in awe when we saw it. So sad!

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11/7/2016 Walt Disney World - Still at 60 my favorite place on earth. First
Still at 60 my favorite place on earth. First kudos to Linda and Gala at Narcooses. Linda saw I was upset and went out of her way to find out that we were given two queen beds instead of the king we requested. Important to me.... She got her manager Gala involved who made phone calls to try, and succeed too have it changed. I assume Jess was one of the managers and he pulled some Disney Magic. An hour later he found us the accommodations we requested. Kudos to all three for going over and above what is already great customer service. Our whole stay went flawlessly but there is one experience I do need to mention. Our final day was in Hollywood Studios. We were rushing to get it all in and decided to eat at Hollywood and Vine as it would be quick. The food was below average at best. The cost left me feeling this was the first time I felt "taken" at Disney. We stayed at the Grand Floridian. Ate at Narcooses and Le Cellier. We don't mind paying for value and service. This was neither.

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9/29/2016 Walt Disney World - I just came back from a 10 day vacation at Walt
I just came back from a 10 day vacation at Walt Disney World where we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I was disappointed in a lot of things this trip. Our bed sheets were never changed and it would have been nice to have clean sheets at least once. I knew this because I marked the sheet after a few days to see if they would change them. NOPE!!! Disney Springs has lost its "Disney" feel........so disappointing. Too many high end shops. It's not fun........We also waited in line a few times to find out they can't run the show/ride, but it wasn't a big deal. White at Typhoon Lagoon we relaxed in the lazy river. It was great until some idiot decided to squirt water in everyone's face with the boat motors they have on a fence. We didn't even know the guy and he wasn't a kid either. He squirted a bunch of people both old and young and was uncalled for. I asked the lifeguard nearby to tell him to stop and she just looked the other way. Trust me I yelled it loud enough for her to hear, but she didn't want to be bothered. So I talked to another lifeguard about it and he just brushed me off. I feel that Corporate Disney has lost it's love for Walt. Too commercialized now and it's disappointing to see. This will be my last of 6 vacations at Walt Disney World.

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8/4/2016 Walt Disney World - We had a very bad day on 8/3/16 in Disneyland in
We had a very bad day on 8/3/16 in Disneyland in California we flew from Seattle for 1 day five people. Most of the games were not working; Indiana jones, haunted house, alice in wonderland etc, the electricity went down. We were at the line at Indiana jones game twice for an 1 hr and both times the game had maintenance problems. We did spent a lot of money we did not think it was worth it.

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7/22/2016 Walt Disney World - I recently won tickets from an auction at a
I recently won tickets from an auction at a charity event for the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I was very excited to be going back to Disney World, for it has been over 20 years since I was there last. What I remembered from my last visit was very different from what I experienced during this current visit. Because we arrived at the All Star Music Resort early, the cast member asked us for a phone number she could text to us when our room was ready. We were told that would be between 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. We never received that text and when we called after 7:00 p.m. that evening to inquire about our room status, we were told that the number given to the cast member at the hotel was unable to receive text messages. That was inaccurate information, the number given receives many text messages daily. Also, at the time of our check-in, we were informed that if we went over to the concierge's desk they would help us set up our magic bands so that we could use only the bands for ALL of the services offered during our stay. After waiting several minutes in line, we were told by a concierge that they were unable to help us with this task. We spent the first day in the Magic Kingdom. The first ride we went on was the people mover in Tomorrow Land. It stopped mid-ride and we waited several minutes before it was started again. Our next adventure was the American Carousel. The last presentation had no audio. The next ride we went on was Ariel's ride during which the ride stopped midway through and there we sat until they could get it running again. We then decided to go over to Epic and boarded the Monarail to be transported to that park. Once on board, we again waited several minutes for the ride to begin and then was told that we had to disembark and walk to the where the buses were because the Monarail was not working. On our drive back to our hotel after 10:00 p.m. The very large signs for the All Star Hotels had many burnt out lights. The buses transporting all of the guests were very timely and clean. ALL of the crew members we encountered were very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. What stood out at my last visit over 20 years ago was how clean the parks were. I never saw anything on the grounds that did not belong there. Once again, the grounds were very clean but I did see pieces of trash every once in a while throughout both parks. It is always fun and interesting to go to the magical land of Disney. However, I walked away from this visit thinking Disney has losts its attention to the details. And to me that is what was always so impressive with my past experiences.

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6/2/2016 Walt Disney World - I just finished the survey at the end of tech
I just finished the survey at the end of tech help. Gave the wrong answer for the last question. I had excellent help from Holden in the tech dept. I would like to let you know he was the best. Love Disney personnel.

Cheryl Beauford

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5/17/2016 Walt Disney World - I have been driving 11 hours 2-3 times per year to
I have been driving 11 hours 2-3 times per year to go to WDW. The last few trips have not been enjoyable, and I'll go as far to say the last trip might have truly been my last trip. I stayed in All Star Sports, and was awakened no later than 7am every morning by the beeping of multiple buses loading and unloading large loud groups of people. Called customer service who said they'd call back and move me, never heard back from them. I hit the parks in the mornings and was treated to metal detectors (I didn't even have a bag, but had to wait in lines for scans). Rides were down off and on throughout my trip, including Mine Train. I had made reservations for a very disappointing breakfast at Be Our Guest to get a head start for the Mine Train line before the park opened. Well after starting woth a super rude hostess at BOG, went to the ride and it was closed. Stood in line for 45 minutes since I was near the front, then gave up. By then all of the other rides had waits of an hour of longer. So much for planning. I ate at least five or more sit down table service meals, only one of which was good food. The rest of the food in the parks and resorts was carnival level, at best. Some places charge ridiculous prices for the "ambience", such as BOG. So not worth it, in my opinion. Very few cast members seemed to enjoy their job, and some seemed to be inconvenienced by park goers. It's just not like it was years ago.

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5/3/2016 Walt Disney World - I know this is a longshot but I wanted to reach
I know this is a longshot but I wanted to reach out to someone at Disney for dining reservations. Myself and my girlfriendare staying at Caribbean Beach for one week 10/19-26, 2016. I called Disney Dining today for reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table as I was planning to propose to my girldfriend who is infatuated with Cinderella. I was completely flabbergasted to learn that there are no tables available for the entire week at breakfast lunch or dinner. I am sick to learn of this. It seems to be the only week where all the speciality restaurants are booked. Please, please, please if there is any time breakfast lunch or dinner to confirm I would be so grateful. Regards, Giacinto Caracci

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4/10/2016 Walt Disney World - All fabulous at parks, restaurants and Ft.
All fabulous at parks, restaurants and Ft. Wilderness. I strongly urge the company to post and enforce no ball playing in pools, as we had several problems with hard balls, soccer balls, footballs being thrown for catches in wide areas of Fort Wilderness pools, esp the small pool where young guests had to stay in one area only to be sure balls would not hopefully hit them-no need for dangerous ball playing in pools, as ball often gets away and/or is thrown much too hard by older kids and adults.Just went for Spring Break-many places closed for renovation, missed all the street entertainers who had previously been in Epcot countries. Fast Pass the best!! Staff the best!! Newly renovated cabins at Ft. W beautiful-please update pics online to show how great and updated now! Our golf cart broke down twice-had to be rescued and finally 3rd one was good-fully charged, no water damage, all good but took 3 carts to be fine. Again-staff are the best-all great attitudes, no "attitudes ever at all!

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3/26/2016 Walt Disney World - My 4 generation family always enjoys going to Disneyworld
3-26-2016 My 4 generation family always enjoys going to Disneyworld. Other than the food at the food court at the art of animation, which could use few more American style dishes, our visits have always been great. From the fantastic Character Breakfast to the use of fastpasses, we have always and will again look forward to going to Disneyworld.
As far as customer service, I had a problem and dropped an e-mail to them. They called two days later and resolved the problem. My only regret is not asking them to extend my stay from two nights to three. I am calling daily in hopes of getting that extra night. We find that there are so many things to do and see that we cant get them all in in the time we reserved. So change your attitude, find some of that magic and enjoy your next trip. Have a ball because we always do.

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