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5/29/2013 Warner Home Video - I recently purchased Tiny Toon Adventures Volume
I recently purchased Tiny Toon Adventures Volume 4: Looney Links, and I found an error on disc 2. Halfway through the episode "Weekday Afternoon Live", it cuts to another episode from disc 1. My plan is at some point to take it back and try another copy of the same volkume in case it was just a glitch, but it seems that through several other customer reviews, I'm not the only one who is experiencing this problem. If you could please find a way to rectify this problem before fans of the series become upset, I'd be much obliged. Thank you for your time.

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5/12/2012 Warner Home Video— Several months ago we purchased
Warner Home Video— Several months ago we purchased The Walton's Season 4 DVD set. It took us months to get through the prior seasons, but when we did finally get to Season 4 we discovered two out of the five DVDs were defective. They had little bubbles in the silver mylar and wouldn't play on our DVD player or computer. We made a phone call to Warner Home Video and were directed to a specific person in their Burbank office. Steve left a message and his call was promptly returned. Sherri assured us that she would take care of getting us a brand new set of DVDs, at no cost to us. A few days later we received a letter containing instructions and a UPS post paid label. We sent off the defective set and in one week we had a new Season 4 set in hand. It was a pleasant, painless and wonderful experience.

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2/13/2012 Warner Home Video - I received the Sex in the City box set for
I received the Sex in the City box set for Christmas and when I got to season 6 part 1 disc 3 episodes 9-12 the first episode played but the rest did not. I have the sales slip but I can not return it because it was open. Please contact me about fixing this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Andrea Read More
5/1/2011 Warner Home Video - My husband bought me the entire 5 season
My husband bought me the entire 5 season collection , never opened when I lost my job to make me feel better and out of the 21 episodes in season 1 i got to see 11 the rest were crap they froze and played maybe 10 to 20 different frames no sound, some had 2 different subtitles that would stay even as the picture changed. a couple came on then went to black i cannot believe we spent money we really did not have on the crap i seen i do not even want to open the second season just so i can get ticked off all over again I caught a few episodes on the reruns on tnt and enjoyed them and was so excited when my hubby gave them to me then all i get is garbage. i feel this should be put on twitter and facebook to warn the unsuspecting public, do not spend all that money and get junk that can not be returned because it was opened. brand new each season individually wrapped then the 5 seasons all wrapped together never opened. i do not buy many videos but this makes me to never waste money again and i will tell all my friends thank you so much for the disappointment in your company I am sure this comment will not be approved by the webmaster

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