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11/13/2016 We love wawa. Were at the ribbon cutting for the
We love wawa. Were at the ribbon cutting for the first one in Brevard county, FL.

When we visit my mom in Melbourne pretty much weekly we go to wawa on new haven ave instead of Jason's, where we went for years.

That is why I want to tell you how disappointed I was by your turkey, cranberry, stuffing sandwich.

I had the turkey/cranberry WRAP the week before. It was great. But the "special" was YUCK. It may have had two little pieces of turkey, and if there was any cranberry I never tasted it. Instead it was like a hoagie roll filled with mooshy stuffing. A total disappointment and I thought you should know.

IleneRead More
5/9/2016 Wawa - Management is terrible complained about manager
Management is terrible complained about manager not being there and, hes still not their.Organization to top heavy.Regular coffee has been watered down to increase greedy profit margin.I cant stand the place but they monoplized all the areas.No other place to go.

JayRead More
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