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White Castle Corporate Office Headquarters Address:
555 West Goodale Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone Number

1-800-843-2728Review Needed Please Comment


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5/8/2017 Seymour Indiana White Castle , stopped there at
Seymour Indiana White Castle , stopped there at 5:45 pm on 5/08/2017, I have got to say that I have never seen it so nasty. Floor did not look like it had been cleaned in a good while. There was napkins and food laying all over it. It looked as if it had a grease build up on it which seemed they had not been mopped in a good while either. There were no clean tables at all. My husband went to bathroom and he said it was very nasty. Also the supplies straws, napkins , ketchup, salt trays were all empty. I did go to the counter and ask them if they realized just how dirty it was and that there were no clean tables to set at ,which did not do any good , they just looked at each other a laughed. Sometimes it is understandable if they are busy but there was just one other gentleman in there besides us. It looked as if there were 5 working that I saw and they were just standing around having a good time between them, which someone should have been cleaning. To end this , as we leaving the other gentleman that was in there told me he was glad I said something because it had been looking like that for about month. I can tell you we will not go back No one should have to eat at dirty tables and walk on crap that is all over the floor and use nasty bathrooms.

Very disappointedRead More
8/30/2016 White Castle - Went to drive tho 9 mile and telegraph in
Went to drive tho 9 mile and telegraph in southfield had the worst hambugers I've every had they were cold and looked like they had been returned from someone else it wasn't backed up so my order should have been right teac h your people to thow away return food register 2, Aug.30, White Castle#040035 sale # 96836064 the board of health need to show up

SreneeRead More
5/24/2016 White Castle - Very unfriendly workers, food was horrible
Very unfriendly workers, food was horrible

RoyRead More
4/5/2013 White Castle - Did not get a receipt for my order. Now I cant take survey
Did not get a receipt for my order.Now I cant take a servey for my 3 free bergers

johnRead More
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