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WikiLeaks is a multi-jurisdictional public service designed to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who have sensitive materials to communicate to the public. Since July 2007, we have worked across the globe to obtain, publish and defend such materials, and, also, to fight in the legal and political spheres for the broader principles on which our work is based: the integrity of our common historical record and the rights of all peoples to create new history.

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3/1/2012 Wikileaks - NEWS UPDATE WANT TO SHREA

2/12/2012 Wikileaks - hi - i'm not concerned about using my last name
hi - i'm not concerned about using my last name because my life may be in danger no matter what and the authorities all know about me and they hate me because i don't like games or lies - only truth - my problem started the day mike harris took office as premier in 1995 here in ontario,canada - it has to do with ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD TECHNOLOGY and TECHNOLOGY - computer, that can hook up into your brain to control you - it is a 24/7 torture tool - it has been seventeen years of this for me - i NEED TO GO PUBLIC - i believe that is the onoy tru way out of this mess - right now prime minister stephen harper is using it to sway voters in his direction - so many people have called him HITLER but are unaable to dtop him - i need to stop this because it is killing me - our system is based on a christian/jewish/right wing patriarchy but there are more ways to live than that- i had a way before mike harris but no one cared to listen now i'm f-d - i believe csis and the military are using this tool - yes i am afraid for my life but the truth does have to set me free even if i get killed - i live here in hamilton, ontario, canada where the support for harper and the conservatives is thick - i didn't know this would be a problem - a lot of people in high places know of me and this tech. and will not help me (my way) - yes i sound crazy who wouldn't - also you might not get this email - its a chance i'll take - my phone number is 1-289-925-8194 - i like the fact that you put this kind of info out there for the people to see - i have contacted OCAP here in toronto and hope they might help me too - thanks for the time - hope you can/will help me out of tjos horrible nightmare that is REAL - thanks - elizabeth k.

elizabeth kostynykRead More
3/24/2011 Wikileaks - Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of
Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review, published by MIT, is interested in recruiting Julian Assange to participate in a panel he is moderating in London for the East/West conference the week of May 31, 2011. Please contact us directly for more details. The media request no. is not working.

LeilaRead More
7/26/2010 WikiLeaks media bookings (London studios) now +44
WikiLeaks media bookings (London studios) now +44 7958 175 856

E PerrinRead More
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