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4/21/2016 Williams-Sonoma - After reading these reviews they explain a lot of
After reading these reviews they explain a lot of issues I am currently experiencing with Williams-Sonoma. Being a first time customer I have received various conflicting answers in regard to the availability and delivery date of a doormat I am attempting to purchase.
Originally there was a price difference between the price shown in an email and the price charged when we went to checkout. After speaking with a representative, the price was promised to be adjusted to the email sale price when the item was shipped and posted to our account. Delivery was promised for April 21, 2016.
When nothing arrived, we called the customer service number and were told that it was on back order (which we were not informed of) and either it would come in this week or June 13. We were curious about that and checked on the website about the status of this item should it be ordered today. The website stated that it could be shipped on April 22. When we made another call to find out about the difference in the stated delivery dates we were given the run around by a snippy representative that acted like we were bothering her by questions that were brought up by their own statements both by email and their associates. Horrible customer service. We also wonder if we will ever see this doormat delivered to our home.

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7/30/2014 Williams-Sonoma - I am so disappointed. I have been shopping with WS
I am so disappointed. I have been shopping with WS since being a young bride (am now elderly). I presently purchased a automatic 4 at All Clad slow cooler. I got one years ago from your store in San Francisco and really enjoyed using the cooler especial ly when I was working. Unfortunatelyi broke the ceramic insert. I really looked forward to more meals that would be so easy to keep warm until servered. The lid (glass) did not fit so I took kit to our Uptown store. We tried all of their copiers (6) and they all have the same problem.:( where is your usually great quality control?

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6/8/2014 Williams-Sonoma - I love william sonoma but their new return policy
I love william sonoma but their new return policy is the worse. they should make an exception, for few months until costumer get use to their new policy. also what is even worse!! so i have this coupon that I'm trying to redeem online for 10% for a BBQ GRILl, since the item is not in stock until the 25 the coupon is not valid. but year my coupon expired on the 22. i could believed that they will not honor this coupon. i will find a better place to do my shopping from now on

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8/24/2013 I ordered wedding gifts from Williams-Sonoma gift registry.
I ordered wedding gifts from a gift registry. The wedding was cancelled so I sent back the gifts to Williams and Sonoma.
A month or so later I got a bill from William Sonoma visa! I didn't have one! I also got an email asking me to activate me card.
I spent almost an hour earlier this week on the phone with various WS offices. I was told they would cancel thecars and that the gifts had been received back had not yet been credited.
Today I received an email warning me a payment was soon due.
I am feeling frustrated.
I have always liked your store, but this experience is decreasing my liking the store!

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10/24/2012 Williams-Sonoma - Was promised delivery of a $1,000 desk and the
Was promised delivery of a $1,000 desk and the charge was put through on my card. Delivery was delayed and delayed and delayed . . . finally promised for tomorrow. I committed to a three-hour delivery slot and took time off and also got rid of the tables that I had been using as an improvised desk. Received a call today that there is no desk . . . it's on back order for several more weeks.

They supposedly can't process my refund for several more days. I have no desk, nowhere to conduct business, and am out my three hours tomorrow because I can't reschedule.

I've left repeated messages with corporate customer relations (Pam Massengill really ripped me a new one) but no one has called me back.

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2/20/2012 Williams-Sonoma - I am asigned to South Africa. I am no longer
I am asigned to South Africa. I am no longer allowed to enter your webiste. I have diplomatic pouch access and can receive shipments in the US. But I guess you don't want my business.

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1/25/2012 Williams-Sonoma - Until recently I loved the hand towels in your
Until recently I loved the hand towels in your signature red and white stripe the last pack I bought was very disappointing they were very thin and not very absorbent. The label said they were made in turkey (as were the others) but the quality was different. It is one of the very few complaints I have as I love William sonata but it is important. Thank you

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1/16/2012 Williams-Sonoma - I purchased a staub 12" grill pan in Saphire Blue.
I purchased a staub 12" grill pan in Saphire Blue. I followed the manufactures instructions on how to cook using the grill pan. However, the very first time I used the pan I attempted to "grill" shrimp. During the cooking process the juices from the shrimp began dripping into the pan as they should. However, after dinner while doing the dishes, I could not seem to remove the drippings. Even after soaking the pan and using Bar Keepers friend. So, I contacted the Wiliams-Sonoma at The Shopps at Mission Viejo only to be told that I had to have my reciept that I couldn't find and if it was outside of 90 day there was nothing they could do. Since I purchased this pan druing the summer I have esentually wasted $80 plus dollars. I used to love shopping at Williams-Sonoma. Now, I viemently dispise them. I'm appalled at their lack of costomer service. All they seem to care about is taking your money. Worse still, you get no customer support when calling the 1-877-812-6235. I was on hold for fourty minutes and eventually just hung up. Don't waste your time with Williams-Sonoma shop at Sur Le Table. Sean Cobb

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10/19/2011 Williams-Sonoma - I enjoy going to our local Wm Sonoma store, but it
I enjoy going to our local Wm Sonoma store, but it saddens me to see so much merchandise from China and so little MADE IN USA Isn't it about time it should be the other way?

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9/12/2011 Williams-Sonoma - customers service phone number i ordered baskets
customers service phone number i ordered baskets and have not received them

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8/10/2011 Williams-Sonoma - First, its not Williams and Sonoma, its
First, its not Williams and Sonoma, its Williams-Sonoma. Second, they will absolutely make exceptions to the return policy. I ordered several knives in January, and packed them away until we moved. When unpacking at the end of July, I realized that one knife was the wrong size, and one had been damaged in shipment. I called customer service and they immediately scheduled a pickup and issued a replacement. I did not have to argue, or speak to a supervisor. Fabulous customer service as always!

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6/28/2011 Williams-Sonoma - I could not agree more with every one of the above
I could not agree more with every one of the above comments. It is virtually impossible to get off their annoying email list. I have written, called, and spoken to a representative who assured me I would be taken off, but their daily emails keep coming. I suggest a total boycott of this pathetic company. Perhaps we can find out the home telephone numbers of key executives, post them on line, and deluge them with calls at home until some one takes action. Look up the names of their corporate and local executives and start a phone barrage. Also report them to your local consumer advocates, Better Business Bureau, and other agencies that deal with problems like this.

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