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12/31/2015 Sad to hear Wrangler no longer makes blanket lined denim jackets
Customer rep Laurie very helpful. Sad to hear Wrangler no longer makes blanket lined denim jackets over a 2XL. I have worn your products all my life Gonna be a bunch of cold Farmers and Ranchers out there this winter, 6-4 260 a 2 XL would be a bit snug know I'm not the only person out there looking for this product. Thanks Dan

DanRead More
1/11/2014 Wrangler not putting the 'W' on the jeans pockets
I have worn wranglers for 66 years and now all of a sudden some brilliant idiot decided they could save a couple of pennies by not putting the 'W' on the jeans pockets anymore. I wore these 'w';;w jeans with pride letting my friends and everyone else know I only wore the best. Now I can't find a pair with the trade mark 'W' anywhere. What a disappointment. I will not buy your product without the distinctive 'w' on the pocket. what might have seemed like a good idea at the time really isn't. just ask Clark w Griswold. if I had a cousin Eddie I most certainly would have put him on you right away.

JoeRead More
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