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10/15/2016 Wyndham - I was attending a seminar at your hotel on Sept.
I was attending a seminar at your hotel on Sept. 26th and decided to book a room the night before. Upon arrival we were allowed to check in early which was nice. But the lobby had the smell of sewage and our room was very damp. We asked about the smell and were told the sewer had backed up recently and that smell was the lingering affect. We tried to eat at your grill/pub, but it does not open until 3:00 p.m., so off we went to spend our money elsewhere. Upon our return the tavern was open so we stopped in for a drink after being told they could get the football game we wanted to watch. After ordering our drinks it was clear there were no viewable cable channels in the bar. It was hot, so we asked that the air be turned down and we were told that could not happen there was a problem with the air. So, off we went to our damp room. Monday morning we went down for breakfast and opted for the upgrade to the hot buffet. I got French toast and it was so cold it could not melt butter. Off to the seminar where we were told neither of the bathrooms on that floor were in working order, and we would have to travel to the lobby area to use the restrooms there. Staying at a hotel is a luxury for us and this did not fit the bill. I understand the property is being renovated, but this was an embarrassment for Wyndham, and disappointment for us.

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9/9/2016 Wyndham - I am trying to pay a bill over the phone…. because
I am trying to pay a bill over the phone…. because of Wyndham difficulties with the phone line i can't get thru… please have someone call me

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7/27/2016 Wyndham - Made reservations directly with the Windham 866 #,
Made reservations directly with the Windham 866 #, had to spell Fresno, CA to the clerk, she got it wrong and I had to repeat it. She stated that I only had 1500 points in my account, but could buy extra points for $35.00 per 1000 to pay for my room. I elected just to make the reservation and continue. I waited for three hours for written confirmation, received nothing. Called back to check on the reservation, the operator said that I had received it, which I had not. She argued with me about receiving the email. In frustration, I cancelled the reservation, received a verbal cancellation number and she stated that I would receive one by email. I have not as of this date. Bring back the reservation system to the USA where at least they can understand and speak English. At this time, my future travel plans will not include anything with the Windham group.

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6/21/2016 Wyndham - Me and my family recently visited the Harbor walk
Me and my family recently visited the Harbor walk village in Destin, Florida and we went into the welcome center there and was told if we do a 2 hour tour we would receive a 7 night stay in a 2 bedroom condo at any of Wyndhams locations all in hopes that we would book a stay at the Emerald hotel on there property. This was our last day of vacation granted we went because it was only $75 to do the tour and we would receive this 7 night stay we could use within a year of doing the tour. We get to the Wyndham vacation center on the premises of the Harbor walk in Destin and we were greeted by the devil herself her name was Kelly and after an hour of visiting with this horrible person she proceeds to tell us this was a pitch to sale timeshares for Wyndham and after we told her that was not what we were there for she became very rude towards me and my family with name calling and laughing at us with co workers. we were mortified, embarrassed and just plain disgusted with the way we were treated. we will never rent from a company like this again much less own something with them!

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12/9/2015 Wyndham - I recently stayed at the New Yorker hotel with 3 family members
I recently stayed at the New Yorker hotel with 3 family members. It took over an hour to check in. I was not given the room I reserved. We discovered the toilet wasn't working. I had to have maintenance up twice for repairs including one time at 7 am. We had to use lobby restrooms most of the time The bathroom sink was very slow draining.
I am a rewards member and have stayed at this hotel many times with no problems. I spoke to the manager several times about the problems.
I paid for a 2 room suite which was not the size of one I reserved.
Our experience at this hotel was not a happy experience.

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10/7/2015 Wyndham - ABSTRACT The counter persons at the Baymont
ABSTRACT The counter persons at the Baymont are top-notch. This is especially true of Aretha, Dawn, Hannah and Lamont. Their courtesy should be commended. However there are quality assurance issues dealing with the status of the computer system that must and should be addressed in order to keep the following miscues from ever happening again. My request for compensation, a chronology and background information follow. CLIENT BACKGROUND As a nationally recognized journalist and consultant (Google my name), I expect to have a “business center" complete with hard drive, computer and printer at the hotels I stay at. The problem with Baymont’s is that it is too close to the front door, and cannot be easily seen from the front counter. As a result, people are downloading porn and a virus infected the system. As of 9/29, although location changes were discussed, no changes have yet been made to move the computer to an area already designated. Please see my attached resume. COMPENSATION SOUGHT As you will see, as a writer and strategic planner, I need to stay in contact with my clients by email. The front desk personnel at the Baymont will attest to the number of people who called in and came in to see me. They were looking for their paperwork. I could not send it because the “business center" computer and hard drive were down (see following “chronology"). This inability to generate additional income placed me at a severe disadvantage when it came to my room. As a result, in lieu of a lawsuit, I request one of the following: $2,000 cash compensation, or (2) two weeks continued stay at the Baymont in Omaha, Nebraska. The choice is yours. Please contact me within 48 hours of receiving this document with your response. HISTORY OF CLIENT I came to Baymont because I have been a long time customer of Wyndham Hotels. These include: Both Microtel’s in Mesquite, Texas (2007); Microtel in Garland, Texas (2007) where I got bedbugs, checked out and moved across the street to the Express Inn; Super 8 in DeSoto/Lancaster, Texas where I stayed for 1 month in 2009 and a total of more than 100 days from 2009-2015; Ramada Inn in Galveston Texas, two nights in 2008. CHRONOLOGY OF PAYMENTS AND SETBACKS 4. – (Friday) - Checked into Baymont Hotel. Three days paid on bill. Hard drive doesn’t work, internet on. Had my room switched three times within the span of 48 hours. In the second room the telephone was torn out of the wall. 5 – Saturday – Ira puts 2 days on hotel bill. Go to house for computer with Larry. My hotel bill is paid up until 9/10/15. Hard drive doesn’t work. Informed it had a virus. Internet on. 7 – Monday – LABOR DAY – Hard drive doesn’t work. 9— (Wednesday) – Paid 4 more nights on room. Hard drive still down. 11- Paid for another night. Hard drive down 14 – (Monday) – Used my points + $45 cash. In addition, another night paid for. Hard drive down 17- Checked out of Baymont. 22- Moved back into Baymont. Paid for one night initially, later paid for another night. Hard drive and computer totally down. 23 – Hard drive and computer totally down. 24—Paid for two additional nights. Hard drive and computer totally down. 25 – Still have points on my Wyndham account. Paid for two additional nights. Saturday. Told that computers at Baymont were down. Couldn’t look up point totals at site. Hard drive and computer totally down. 27 -- Monday. Contacted Wyndham main number: 1-866-996-7937. Gave me number of “complaints department" (Customer Care): 1-866-464-2321. Hard drive and computer totally down. 28— Breakfast begins one hour late. Wyndham couldn’t get my point totals together. Told computers down at Baymont. Paid cash (late) for room me $60 for the room. contacted Baymont Customer Care. Put on hold 15 minutes. Given card number: ss. Hard drive and computer totally down.

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9/19/2015 Wyndham - I guess there is no such thing in Wyndam hotel language as extreme circumstances and special customer service
I was in Idaho falls for a family emergency, and I really needed an economical room and I am a wyndam reward member. I manage a hotel s I know better than to use booking.com EVER, but it just felt easier from the hospital when we found out my dad had passed away. I had all the info in and when I went to book it had two rooms, so I edited my reservation and pressed confirm.. when I got to the hotel it seems I had booked a non cancelable reservation for two weeks later. How that happened? I have no idea...I was upset, tired and had been crying. When I asked the desk clerk if he could help me he said it wasn't his problem. I called booking.com to see if they could help and they emailed the manager, mind you that as a manager I know these can be refunded, if the hotel chooses to be helpful. But this was not the case. They refused to help me. Michael the GM said no. I have sent him two emails begging for him to reconsider in the circumstances, knowing full well the room could easily been resold and have gotten no answer. NONE! I can see how important Wyndam rewards members are, not to mention basic guests. I guess there is no such thing in Wyndam hotel language as extreme circumstances and special customer service. I will at this point never use them again. I guess that $59.99 is much more important to them than the thousands I have spent or will have spent in the future. Thank you Michael for enlightening me as to how your business runs.

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8/18/2015 Wyndham - my room was canceled because my card was declined
my room was canceled because my card was declined

I need someone to contact me back immediately. I was supposed to stay at this hotel on Friday, July 10th,2015 for one night. I came all the way from Georgia and when I get to the hotel they tell me my room was canceled because they tried to run my card and it was declined. I told whoever I made the reservation with that I would be paying cash when I got there. They front desk clerk was rude and completely ignored me after he tells me there is nothing he can do and there were no more rooms available. I had to go find another hotel in the area which cost me way more money because I received a discount for the Ramada Inn. I am an employee for a Wyndham. I am really upset about this because It took me 2 hours to find another room. I need something done about this because it ruined my whole trip. Please contact me by email or phone.

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6/19/2015 Wyndham - Days Inn, Holbrook, AZThe unit we were assigned
Days Inn, Holbrook, AZ
The unit we were assigned looked OK except the AC unit was soooooo noisey that we could not sleep with it on. AZ is not a place to be with no AC.The Bath drain was clogged so showers were in standing water. The carpet in the lobby areas and the stair case was FILTHY. Not just dirty but FILTHY. Breakfast was for vegetarians. No bacon or sausage. We have stayed at nice clean Days Inn before and certainly did not expect what we found in Holbrook. Days Inn will not be a choice for overnight stay in the future.

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6/30/2014 We were not happy with the Wyndham hotel that we
We were not happy with the Wyndham hotel that we stayed in on the 19th of June in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
First we did not know they were going through renovations. I called the hotel directly and they never told me
this. The pool was closed. There was no ice to be had on any of the floors.A guy was jack hammering
just below our room and woke me up the next morning. I was told by the management that they had a sister hotel and that we could stay there the next night. We had to pack up our clothes and move to another hotel. I don't think I should have been charged at all for the two nights. It was a disaster and I will never stay in a Wyndham again as a result of this bad experience. The gal at the desk said renovations was on her web site. I did not go through your website -- I don't want to deal with your people again. The sign says at the Hampton Inn that if you are not
happy, that you will not be charged. I was charged $76.00.

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2/12/2014 Wyndham customer service review February 2014
From February 11 & 12 myself and a number of family members and friends were in town for a funeral. We stayed at the Windgate by Wyndham in Columbia SC. All total we booked about 12 rooms. Columbia has been hit with a snow storm. I want to say that the manager in this hotel could not have been more rude or unhelpful if she tried. It's at times like this that organizations have the opportunity to prove what they are all about. All I can say is this hotel is a miserable failure. This should is a service industry and I have never seen such poor service or unhelpfulness. I could go on and on with examples of treatment but it is enough to say if this is how management treats people I guess we need to take our business elsewhere in the future. Maybe your managers are not empowered to make any decisions. But they could at least be pleasant and helpful. This ranks as one of the worst service experiences ever!

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12/27/2012 Wyndham Customer Service Review and Customer
Wyndham Customer Service Review and Customer Advice
I hope you read this. Your new Day's Inn shopping company is at best inefficient. They require preapprovals of every-
thing. This sounds like a resonable request. However; It does not give the shopper the time to quickly respond to the shop. I have waited over nite to get an ok without any
comments from Intellishop. I do this as a hobby and try to make a small vacation of it. I do not make money in this endeavor, but I make it a hobby. I will go out of the way to do shops, but waiting around for approval negates the reservation process.

I shopped with Freeman group and the approvals were immediate. The problem with them is the fact that they
do not pay their bill. They owe me over a thousand dollars.
This is a reflection on Wyndham since they are the one that
garnered their services. There are a lot of other shoppers that haven't been paid. Remember; As well as being shoppers we are also customers.

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