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If you were not able to find the support you need on our the XBOX website, you can contact Xbox Support.
XBOX Hours of operation;
Phone assistance is available seven days a week.
9:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern Time
6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time

XBOX Phone numbers
Toll free: (800) 4MY-XBOX
Direct dial: (425) 635-7180
Hearing impaired (TDD device): (866) 740-9269 or (425) 635-7102

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-469-9269 Review Needed Please Comment


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10/20/2017 xbox 360 - I just accidentally bought a game that was like
I just accidentally bought a game that was like $1.99 and it says no refund can you please give me back my money it was an accident. Not cool. FYI it was on the 360

SuperKingJacob Read More
3/17/2017 xbox 360 - I would like to know do you have any more
I would like to know do you have any more different color Xbox 360 conole box. Please if you do it doesn't matter what color. XL black or white I don't want those, those colors .

Orlando bell Read More
9/22/2016 xbox 360 - I had 1.5 million coins and the next day they were
I had 1.5 million coins and the next day they were all deleted can I have them back pls ea

Ben Read More
8/12/2016 xbox 360 - I need help with TrainedDragon11 because he was
I need help with TrainedDragon11 because he was death threting me and calling me name and be mean and cruising and I want to know if you can do someing to help meo

Alex Read More
5/29/2016 I have my Xbox 360 for nine years now I wanna know
I have my Xbox 360 for nine years now I wanna know how do I get it from taking long to play the game I want,the system is still in good condition,but it's the games that I like to play is not working like it should the games are still in good condition too I need to know about that.

James Read More
2/18/2016 xbox 360 - Xbox really needs to show the password
Xbox really needs to show the password u put when u made your account because that's bogus I'm trying to put my friggin Xbox 360 account on my Xbox one to play my saved games and I tried to put my account email and password in but I forgot the password and I'm very upset may u please fix that?

Jordy Read More
12/13/2015 xbox 360 - Our son received a new XBOX for Christmas last year.
Our son received a new XBOX for Christmas last year. He had an older version, so we got him the updated Black Ops. When he was notified to renew, they also blocked him at the same time. When I tried to edit with the updated CC, it was refused. We tried every which way to get the card renewed. The only human I could get to talk to was an Indonesian, who for a mere $99 would see how he could help us update the CC for it to take. I refused to pay $99 and the $59 renewal fee. We are retired, and disabled and I don't have money to fritter away to scam artists. These are the same guys that freeze up your PC then want a "mere" $150 to fix it for you, by taking a bunch of self-help programs out so you are stuck with a PC that no longer works properly so that you can stick even more money into the beast. Two years ago I spent over $400 due to freeze- ups caused by their greed. I figured out how to unfreeze the PC with the help of Geek Squad, the XBOX issue may well force us to get rid of on-line gaming, which sadly is one of the things our son really likes to do, especially when not feeling well, or the weather is bad. Why can't these people just give support for a simple thing like billing, update, without ripping a person for $100 in addition to a renewal. Lousy customer service! I never thought anything from Bill Gates would rip people off this way. What's the matter, you don't make enough $$$ without ripping customers ?off.

Irm Read More
11/27/2015 Don't buy Call of Duty 3 for XBOX 360

11/27/2015 Call of Duty 3 for Xbox 360 is not working!
what the fish sticks just bought the call of duty black ops 3 for Xbox 360 and the damn thing won't even play. tell's you need Xbox live. hell, why do I need Xbox live just to play the damn thing by myself... I just wanted to play the game not people... why would anyone sell something like that? that's like buying a car but don't have the I just spent this money for what? maybe this Xbox tech will tell me what the heck to do with it.. so people DONT BUY XBOX BUY SONY. at least they sell a game you can play.

MAD FUFF Read More
11/26/2015 xbox 360 - Xbox will not let me sign-in why?
I have been sitting I this chair for 3hours and my xbox is not letting me sign in what is up with it i mean if you guys are going to send out an cbox that won't let anyone sign in then why send out the Xbox. ??

Daniel Read More
11/5/2015 xbox 360 - Are you serious!!!! I was in the middle of round
Are you serious!!!! I was in the middle of round 78 On Origins on Black ops 2 and you guys Suspend me without even telling me what I did, but all you can say is I supposable Violated the Customer agreement and then I go to call and you guys closed 5 minutes ago like really. u suspend me right when yall close and don't explain to me why you did it....... Wow

Jakob Read More
10/21/2015 xbox 360 - Microsoft Xboxlive has been completely unprofessional and inappropriate

Microsoft Xboxlive has been completely unprofessional and inappropriate. Yes, a slippery bar of soap when it comes to accountability and follow through. Microsoft has competently failed to process the credit promised to us a year ago - which was originally requested by us - due to their faulty service and rude mistreatment of my son. Instead, we have received countless email messages and phone messages, claiming that they processed a credit. The form of credit keeps changing, first it was the credit card, then paypal, I lose count now. It is shameful that this division associates themselves with the name Microsoft.

Apparently, the customer care supervisor's name is Duranda, who yelled at me on the phone today, when I finally was able to catch one of the random call backs requested by us, since our credit card company has not been able to locate the credit they said they issued. When I told Duranda to stop yelling at me, she simply replied, it was because I wasn't listening to her. I told her that since what she was saying did not make sense and kept changing, like a slippery bar of soap, I was asking for clarification and accountability. Duranda became more upset and insisted that this wasn't her issue so she was going to transfer our case to another representative. I asked for the call to be forwarded to her supervisor but she insisted she did not have one - since she was the supervisor...

What a slap in the face it must be to have a division associated with Microsoft which has supervisor's which are unprofessional, rude, and not accountable. This sort of treatment has certainly left a bad taste in our mouths and we will definitely think twice before we make future purchases. We will continue to share our story with everyone we meet, until we are able to get the much deserved attention for these cases of mistreatment.

No longer a customer... Read More
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