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4/6/2017 Yahoo Web Hosting - All of a sudden I can't publish my site - it
All of a sudden I can't publish my site - it doesn't recognize my sign-in - What a crappy service!!!

sheree Read More
4/8/2015 Yahoo Web Hosting - Doing business with robots instead REAL LIVE
Doing business with robots instead REAL LIVE PEOPLE sucks.
Honorable companies do not hide assistance phone numbers.
One of the pages on our web site looks great on sitebuilder but does NOT appear on internet.
We have spent over 50 man hours trying to repair a simple problem to no avail.
Yahoo is VERY efficient drawing funds from our bank account but useless in customer service.
A new server seems like our only avenue.

ALJO Read More
10/25/2014 Yahoo Web Hosting - Garbage!First 'Geocities' was cancelled, and
First 'Geocities' was cancelled, and Yahoo screwed-up my website, now Yahoo Webhosting screwed-up my website. My situation was answered by a female named - Sanjana, and my situation has NOT been resolved. They just take your money, and leave you hanging out in the cold.
At present, I DO NOT have a website, but my money has been taken. This is so very unacceptable behaviour. Have no idea, what I am and have been paying for.

Eva Read More
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