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11/15/2017 I bought a Yeti Hopper 20 Cooler on Dec.1st,2015
I bought a Yeti Hopper 20 Cooler on Dec.1st,2015 for my son's Christmas present.It cost $299.99 plus tax $28.50 which is $328.49.The zipper has broken.I read on the website that it is guanteed for 3 years.I could have used that money to buy a new wheelchair for myself instead but I paid that ridiculous price to see my son happy.Where can I exchange it for a new one? I can't find my receipt but I found all the information on my paypal account.I bought it from Academy Sports in Ar. I would hope this can be done.Sincerely,J.Payne

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10/14/2016 Yeti - This company has terrible customer service,
This company has terrible customer service, ordered a monogrammed item for my boss on Oct 3rd, boss's day is the 17th and it hasn't even shipped yet. Called about it, thought the web page said it could take up to two weeks for delivery, the guy said it wasn't ready yet, told him it was for Boss's day. He didn't care, apologize, ect. Guess these people think they're doing you a favor. I have a real rambler and two of the knock offs from Walmart, which is a better product.

sherry jackson Read More
8/28/2015 Put wheels on Yeti Coolers, then its perfect!
Put wheels on them, then it's perfect! I would expect credit for the suggestion, just saying.

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