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8/21/2015 Z Gallerie - I called today regarding the status of an order.
I called today regarding the status of an order. The first time I was on hold for 7 minutes so I hung up. I'm on hold again after 13 minutes and still waiting to talk to someone. Horrible service

chuckRead More
1/3/2014 I can not believe your Z Gallerie can run so inefficiently!
I can not believe your company can run so inefficiently! I have tried 3 times to make a return of a rug purchased directly from the vendor through Z Gallery I have waited for over 43-56 minutes each time for someone to answer. When they do they assure me that FedEx will pick up the item the next day and my account will reflect the credit. The last contact I had with your "customer service" department was 4 days ago...still no word or action regarding the pick up of the item. You definitely do NOT have customer service!!!

I will discontinue shopping at your web site due to your terrible service!

In the meantime I am still waiting for the item to be pick up...guess I will just have to go to the store in person!

UnaRead More
5/13/2013 Z Gallerie - I had a terrible experience w Zgallery. Dealing
I had a terrible experience w Zgallery. Dealing with the store employees was awful. They gave me incorrect information about pricing and store policy. I then proceeded to call their customer service line and one of their representatives tried to help me solve my issues but actually turned into an even larger nightmare. They lost service as I went to a different store to buy a living room set dining room set and two bedroom sets. My family ended up spending $15,000 and Z Gallery lost all of that money. How is that for "loss prevention". !!???!!!!!!!

ChristieRead More
1/18/2013 Z Gallerie - Dealinag with Zgallerie has been a nightmare. I
Dealinag with Zgallerie has been a nightmare. I ordered some every expensive furniture, paid for it and then had to wait 2 months for delivery. When the furniture finally did arrive it had dings and dents all in the paint. The delivery guys also damaged it horribly during the assembly. A craftsman came to my home and deemed the furniture unrepairable. I had to haggle with them to replace all pieces as the craftsman stated. The craftsman took pictures and wrote it in his report. Yet they were still asking me to take and send pictures so they could decide. Oh and the movers left the front door of my home wide open for over an hour while we were upstairs during my furniture delivery. I complained in the store and was told it was not their responsibilty to close my front door behind them. They put my home and personal security in jeopardy with that carelessness. I had to wait another 2 months waiting for delivery. They promised it would arrive before Christmas and it did not. I had to have this dresser with missing drawers on display in my home throughout the holidays. When that furniture came, the delivery guys refused to follow delivery instructions. They wouldn't even bring the furniture in my house. They laid it out on the wet cement outside my home because they didn't want to have to "go through all that trouble" of bringing it up my stairs. They furniture once again was of poor quality with visible glue adhesive all around the mirrored fronts of the drawers and with dents and dings all in the paint. I called zgallerie before refusing the furniture a 2nd time to ensure I would have no problems witha refund. It has been over 2 weeks and they still have not refunded my money. I have been paying interest on a credit card for 5 months now for a purchase I don't even have anymore. Associates in the store have been of zero help! I bought this furniture in August. It is January and my issue has still not been resolved!

neveybuyhereRead More
11/28/2012 Z gallerie employees at the Palm Beach Gardens
Z gallerie employees at the Palm Beach Gardens store are horrible. Especially the overweight guy at the counter. Miserable. Like their products but can never shop there. They really need to bring someone in to train them. One customer was screaming at them after he was so rude. Pity

David Read More
5/31/2012 Z Gallerie - Got a call a week ago that our furniture would be
Got a call a week ago that our furniture would be delivered on June 1st or 2nd, called today to check for approximate day and time and was told that our order would now be delayed until middle of June sometime. Scottsdale store salespeople didn't know anything about a call or when we might expect furniture delivery.What gives? your reviews are getting worse, and worse. could this be way more and more of your stores are going under?Our order total was $1,174.13 if we can't expect shippment before mid June, please contact us immediately! Thank You Jane Hespel

Jane & Bill HespelRead More
4/2/2012 April 2 I went to the boca raton z gallerie and
April 2 I went to the boca raton z gallerie and what awlful service!! I had two returns still wrapped in original wrapping the sales person kept me waiting for 20 minutes to figure out how to do return,,,,,I had receipt and I paid cash each purchase was 54 dollars ..they would only give me a credit since purchase was over 50 dollars....I read my receipt and called them that receipt says I would get for credit if returned in 30 days...they said they didnt give it to me because I was in a rush...I was there for 1/2 hour I dont call that a rush. I am now stuck with credits for a store that I would NEVER want to revisit! I spoke to the manager who was rude and did not care in the least of customer service....Home Goods a discount store gives you more service than an full priced Z Gallerie!!!! Also I am now on hold for 15 minutes with customer service not enjoying the music...stay away from this store !! They just pickd up and disconnected me Marsha Posner

marsha posnerRead More
2/8/2012 Z Gallerie - On January 30th, I placed order online, a large
On January 30th, I placed order online, a large order totaling over $500 worth of merchandize on behalf of my VIP clients. On the 2nd of February, I called a sales rep to notify her that, due to a change of plans I would need it shipped via 2 day service instead of the initially scheduled 7 day services. I won’t go into how many times I was placed on hold each time I’ve called and for such extended periods of time, but it was not pleasant, nor was the attitude of the representative I spoke with. She informed me that there would be a charge, and I said that’s fine and told her to charge it to the card on file and to ship it out immediately to go 2nd day service, as I urgently needed these items. I gave her my phone number and email address should there be any problems. Due to the urgency of this order I called again today on February 6th to find out that the order is still sitting in California. I’ve received no emails and no phone calls as your sales reps claimed to have placed. My clients are now not able to have their purchases in time for their event. I have requested that Z Gallerie ship the order today via Fed Ex. I’ve asked for a tracking number, like always, and still haven’t received one. I then called back on the 7th and was told it hadnt shipped on the 6th but would go out on the 7th. I called back on the 8th and was told it didn't ship on the 7th because "the truck was too full".

AnneRead More
7/5/2011 Z Gallerie - After admiring a beautiful mirror on the retail
After admiring a beautiful mirror on the retail floor for months, it was purchased for me 1 1/2 years ago as a Christmas present. About four months ago, I started noticing round circles on the front of the entire mirror. It appears that the glue from the other side is somehow showing through. I was told in the store to contact customer service being that it was over a year and out of warranty. After contacting customer service, I was told that if I couldn't produce a receipt, they couldn't help me. First of all, that was a 1 1/2 ago and it was a present. They know its their merchandise and didn't offer any suggestions for me other than to find the receipt. I just want it replaced. My house is filled with items purchased from that store and this is the type of treatment I receive from a purchase. This lets me know that they don't stand behind their merchandise. I had just picked out new bedroom furniture from there and unfortunately, now I have to start over in my search. No wonder so many stores had to be closed in 2009.

Keisha W.Read More
12/31/2010 Z Gallerie - i bought an everglade floor lamp from the fashion
i bought an everglade floor lamp from the fashion show mall store in las vegas. i did not notice that it rocked. sometime later while, rearranging the furniture, i found it rocked. on closer inspection i found it had no feet! my table lamp has feet! i called the store and they it was out of warranty. i then called customer service, they said the same thing.
since this was such grouse quality error, i would like the floor lamp replaced, as i want it to mach table lamp.
i like your and store have purchased many items there. but of course, if i must receive qulity items.

EDWARD shieldsRead More
9/12/2010 Z Gallerie, The Mercato, Naples FL --Z customer is
Z Gallerie, The Mercato, Naples FL --Z customer is not coming back! Refusing customers access to rest room facilities is an outrage!

Last Thursday, Sept. 9, I took my wife and her visiting sister on a shopping trip. The store of choice for these loyal retail patrons, The Z Gallerie. After relativity short driving time, appox 30 mins., we arrived. Well, need I say more... When I approached the store manager and asked the location of the facilities I was told it was against company policy to allow customers access to the restroom. The manager then directed me to ask to use the rest rooms at the store across the street! Wow! Well I did, not that there was really any choice in the matter. Outrageous!

I should mention as an ‘oh by the way’, the ladies did find just the right merchandise to purchase; from a brand new favorite retailer! Needless to say, these treasures did not come from the Z-Gallerie collection.

To all to whom these letters should greet be advised if your expecting a reasonable level of customer service at the Z-Gallerie Naples store, or for that matter even common human courtesy, you will simply have to hold your water.

C & J Nothdurf
Copy: News Press / Naples Daily News

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