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5/9/2015 Zatarains - I bought a box of Jambalaya Mix (original) there
I bought a box of Jambalaya Mix (original) there wasn't any seasoning with the rice. It's supposed to have onions bell peppers and seasonings.;( if I wanted plain rice I would have bought it. the number on the box is7142909523 best sold by nov.7 16 h 08:43. What can I do to avoid this next tine I make dinner???

DebbieRead More
7/4/2014 Zatarains - I'm Ben Mezynski, and I do the shopping for the
I'm Ben Mezynski, and I do the shopping for the United Methodist Church Food Pantry in Silver Springs, NY. I would like to thank you for the coupons in the Sunday newspapers as your product fly out of our food pantry. This really helps us and the people who come to the food pantry. We really appreciate your coupons and the excellent products, especially the Cheddar & Broccoli and the Garden Vegetable, which are the favorites, and the fact that the products are nutritious as well.

United Methodist Church Food Pantry
%Ben Mezynski
11 Church St. P. O. Box 308
Silver Springs, NY 14550

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4/3/2014 Zatarains - I recently purchased two boxes of your frozen New
I recently purchased two boxes of your frozen New Orleans Style JAMBALAYA for the first time w/Sausage ,Onion, Bell Peppers, and Spices.---I was somewhat disappointed in the quality and content. Hardly any bell peppers and very little onion.---The sausage was not quality.---and hardly any in the mix. The picture on the box was inviting but left a little to be desired on tasting.---I am probably not going to use the second box because of lack of desire. I read some of Amazons reviews and was a little surprised because most were adding more items to make it taste great.---eq. more sausage and or chicken.--I cannot justify buying something I have to doctor up to eat.

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