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Zaxbys Corporate Office Headquarters
Zaxby's Franchising, Inc. (Zaxby's chicken)
1040 Founders Blvd.
Athens, GA 30606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-706-353-8107
Fax Number: 1-706-548-6002
Customer Service Number: 1-866-892-9297

Phone Number

1-866-892-9297Review Needed Please Comment


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12/18/2015 Zaxbys - Zaxby's at Cedar Bluff in Knoxville Tennessee - Rude Manager!
My husband and my family were visited Zaxby's at Cedar Bluff in Knoxville Tennessee the manager was rude ignored us to employees were off the clock one reached around and punched in her own order while the manager Ranett had to take care of computer problem at the drive-through everyone ignored us did not apologize made some lame excuse We will not be returning to Zaxby's for a long time your managers need to have better customer service this was December 17, 2015, at approximately 8:30 PM

LauraRead More
1/30/2015 Zaxbys - My wife and I were having lunch at the Zaxby's in Lakeland
My wife and I were having lunch at the Zaxby's on HWY 98, Lakeland, Florida today. While having lunch, we witnessed the most hostile work environment I've ever seen. The manager named Lee(that's what the female employee called him) was screaming, cursing , and berating the other manager that wears glasses.It was so bad that the female employee stepped in to try and stop it. Lee is NOT management material and should not be allowed to continue in his position. We will not be going back to this store as long as he remains employed there.Whoever owns this store better have good liability insurance cause Lee is going to get them sued for hostile work environment for sure. And shame on the owner for hiring such a pig to lead their store.

BillRead More
9/2/2013 Zaxbys Epps Bridge Road in Athens, GA Complaints
My family of 5 was eating at Epps Bridge Road in Athens, Ga on Sept 1, 2013. We sat in the corner in the far right of the building at the round table booth.
To start, the Dr. Pepper and Coke products were horrible, tasted like really bad, we tried the tea and it too had a bad taste, it was sour. we get our food sit down at booth in corner, someone left a hair bow between the seats with hair hanging out of it, and the worst thing was a large roach fell on myself and my daughter, my husband killed the roach with his foot, but it was a large roach, not at all stretching the size, it was huge, we still feel the thing on our leg and arm, we threw our food away and left, no one was at the counter when we started out of the door we got a comment card and sent in a comment, however this has really weighed hard on us just thinking what if roaches got into our purse and we took some out with us? we dumped everything out and made sure outside in the parking lot. Please have someone come out and spray this store, or if you do have someone that sprays it, then they need to come back and give you a discount, I will not want Zaxby's for a long time, it is rather expensive, however worth the money, atleast that was my thought process before this roach, bad drinks and someone's hair all in the seat of the booth, you may ask why did we not move seats, we had 5 people and wanted to eat together, but since we did not end up eating our food anyways the hair was not an issue, we left after the roach attack.

No Roaches orderedRead More
1/10/2013 Zaxbys - Zaxby's Customer Service Review 2013 1/11/13
Zaxby's Customer Service Review 2013

I just went through the drive-thru in Lake City, FL and ordered 3 chicken fingers and fries. I had to order the chicken fingers as individual pieces and when I got my order I did not have any sauce in the bag. I asked for sauce and they said it did not come with what I ordered. They said it only came with a meal. I told them they had to be joking, but they were serious. I said I had ordered 3 chicken fingers and I thought the sauce should come with them, but they said I should have read the menu board in the drive-thru. I think it is really ridiculous that I had to pay $.25 for sauce when I had already paid $4.45 for the chicken and fries. I don't go there but a couple of times a year because their food is so expensive, so I guess I will be going there a lot less now.

AnonRead More
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