AA Advantage American Airlines Customer Service


How To Contact AA Advantage American Airlines Customer Service

AA Advantage is American Airlines Frequent Flier Rewards Program. You earn travel points to receive discounted air travel and merchandise. 1-800-882-8880


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  1. get disconnected for “high call volume” after automatron can’t get account number right after 3 tries after 4 calls. switching credit cards and more!

  2. I have been trying to get a temporary password for two days with no results. I have tried several times to send the request but no email back. I have also called and received no help what so ever. This is terrible customer service and I beginning to think that getting this card was a very bad mistake.

  3. AA is by far the rudest most unhelpful airline I have ever dealt with. You build up miles then make it almost impossible to use them. I hop-e the American goes the way of Pan Am, Eastern and TWA. They should be ashamed…

  4. American customer service is appalling. They enjoy treating their customers like morons. However, citi credit is fantastic. I wish that American learn a thing or 2 from their credit cards.

  5. I am one disgruntled person. I have been trying for 2 weeks to buy miles before mine expired only to receive a message saying that my AA # was not valid. After being on hold several times, finally talked to 3 real people today who now tell me that because my miles expired Feb. 27 and I had not called that I must pay $150 to reinstate them. I do not feel that this is my fault as I have been trying. They admitted that they can see where I tried, but it still does not matter. What a way to treat your AA people!

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