AAA Auto Insurance


Customer Service Contact Information For AAA Auto Insurance 1-800-891-4222


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  • wonderful job so far, my agent was great! in Kentucky Shout out for Brent

  • been a member for 28 years. both home owners and multiple cars. I’ve been found of all my interactions over the years. Today I had the rudest tech install a battery under warranty. At first, I was willing to cut him some slack, 3:00 in the afternoon almost 90 degrees outside. But I worked (recently) in retail for 10 years and in a tire center for 4 of those at a big box warehouse store. We weren’t allowed to be rude, disagreeable or flippant. And that is what I got today! Testing a battery that by the sticker date was clearly out of the 100% warranty, then lecturing me in front of my son on what the sticker date represented: “installment date” he gruffed. Then he proceed to install a battery with last month’s date. When I pointed out the date was already a month behind, then came the lecture on how “we go by the installment date on the invoice and without that we go by the sticker date. So I said, “when this comes up the next time am I not allowed to discuss this with the tech?” His reply “Are we done here?” Oh yeah. We’re done!

  • I have been told that their is a test for Seniors that can reduce Insurance, is that so and where can one take it and how much could that reduce Auto Insurance Rates?

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