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Customer Service Contact Information For AARP Magazine 1-888-687-2277

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Update address for AARP Bulletin. New address Franklin TN 37064. Old Address Boalsburg PA 16827

Update address for AARP Bulletin. Old Address was Chandler Az. 85248
Current address: Mesa AZ., 85210

We have our AARP Card for a couple of months. We have not received the Magazine.

Why not?

I have received the 4th notice to renew my membership in AARP. I did not renew my AARP membership as I don`t belong and I don`t plan to subscribe. Please do not send anymore notices.


CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please change my address from Alice, Saltillo, MS 38866-0337 to

The AARP Magazine label NO. BXNQHFG*****************5-Digit 38866

NO. 096642397/2/A 4 APR2016 007701 00122

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