AARP Roadside Assistance


Customer Service Contact Information For AARP Roadside Assistance 1-800-555-1121


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  • “Dear Sirs:

    When I renew my membership to roadside assistance I was offered a special rate of $33.33 for a year, but you charged my BB&T bank account for the amount of $48.00. My membership number is

    Please refund the amount overcharged to my account ASAP.”

  • You guys need to hire phone employees that can speak and understand English. I hate to even call AARP RS assistance because something gets screwed up every time. If a change is not made, I’m going with another company.

  • been fighting with you for several years to cancell this assistance and every year you take out of my checking the fee again when will you understand to permanently cancel

  • On July 9th 2015 I requested renewal of my AARP Roadside Service.

    Payment was to be made by my Bank of America Visa credit card; to date I have

    not received any confirmation of receipt. I have been an AARP member since 1987.

    Please confirm that my payment was made and mail me the necessary roadside card.

  • on Sunday sept 6th 2015 I called for roadside assistance and was told someone would be there the next morning to help us and I would get a text confirming this and who would be coming well no one showed up and no call or message so we had to do something else so I am thinking about other insurance since you can’t be counted on what a rip off my husband isn’t in good health and this was totally crap I hope you do better for someone else. you weren’t there for us!

  • Do not use this service….After waiting for 45 minutes I was told that there were was no service for the area I was located in. I had to call them back only to find out that no service was available in my area.

    So as I say do not waste your money on a service that cannot provide the service you pay for…

  • I sent a check in for renewing my roadside insurance. It was cashed and endorsement stamp showed by AARPAllstate roadsise service. This was sent in April 5th, 2014. I got a bill later and sent in a copy of my check, front and back and never heard anything more. 7/11/14 I locked my keys inb th car and call roadside service. They said I was no longer a member. I explained, but no way. Although I have been a member since 1991 I received no consideration. I bank on line so cannot get check check informationm, other than my bank statement and my ledger I keep when I write checks in my chdeckbook. What do I have to do to prove that you cashed my check and still gave no credit for my membership????? This is crazy!!!! Roger

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