About Customer Service Numbers

Our customer service phone numbers are hand verified. We have been trusted online since 2005! We started this website to find you real phone numbers and ways to contact companies and services to get live help.

Many companies do their best to hide their customer service telephone numbers in layer after layer of web pages. Also, they make you navigate frustrating phone trees just to reach a live person and to get a human to speak with. We have been featured Fast Company Magazine and our website won the silver Davey Award in 2014.

CustomerServiceNumbers.com is dedicated to make those numbers front and center and easy to find. Not under layer and layer of webpages that hide the actual phone number. We also provide helpful tips to actually reach a live person without going through 5 or 6 steps of phone messages.

We also provide a place to review your customer service experience or to publish a complaint. This helps all consumers when making decisions on what products and services to purchase.

Please do be careful on other websites or forums, many fake phone numbers are being used to scam people. Our phone number are taken directly from official and secure websites.