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Phone Number: 1-800-206-2956 association with this company:

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  1. I tried to transfer money from my card to an account for my daughter and they cut a check to an erroneous address. Then I couldn’t get a REAL PERSON. WHERE THE HELL DID MY MONEY GO?

  2. I had my husbands taxes sent to the card in march of 2014 and we never received it I called customer service and I got told the first time that I called that it was returned to irs because the ss# on the check didn’t match the one on records for the card so I called the irs to see wat was up and they said they never received it back from the card so I called the card again and they then said that they never received it from irs so I called the federal irs back and they still don’t know where my money is the company that runs this card needs to find my money I had state sent to it and it was rejected cuz of the same reason and I got a check in the mail a couple of weeks after it was rejected I have cancelled the card but this issue still hasnt been resolved

  3. I am having issues with my card regarding transactions it will accept them at one location then decline at another, i will then swipe it again and it will be approved. The issue is that my card is either defective or there is another issue regarding my account if i could please be contacted via email regarding this matter i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your attention in this matter

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