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Customer Service Contact Information For Adobe Acrobat 1-800-642-3623

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Acrobat 10 Pro freezes after GUI launch. Problem Fault Module Name:geo.api_unloaded. Why Google Earth Object Library Application Program Interface is required and how it got there is a good question. No answer because Adobe does not offer telephone support except for ‘Cloud’ clients who pay and online directs to a ‘forum’ that is all marketing. It’s a sucker’s bet.

Can’t get to customer service…therefore I cannot find out how to delete anything from the adobe list. I have multiple copies of downloads and because i don’t know what i am doing, I have started to sign up for an Adobe service which I do NOT want. I am just trying to download knitting patterns…however I cannot get off the sign up page…where you are supposed to put in your password. This has meesed up my MacBook………..Please tell me what to do to fix this mess.. I cannot even close the page !!!!

I am trying the XI Pro free trail and doing scanning of several dostuffents. After about 5 scans the Adobe XI Pro stops working and I am forced to close the program and anything I have not yet saved to a permanent file is lost. I have had to re-scan several items three times now. Although I am really liking the XI Pro, I want to know if this is an issue that is going to continue to occur after purchasing the product. If not, then why is it occurring during my free trail?

Bought the conversion pdf to word yesterday and cannot get it to work. Most user unfriendly app I have ever tried to use. I want to cancel and get my money back.Bob

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