Agron Adidas Customer Service


Online Help Only – No Phone Number Available 1-800-966-7697

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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i called the number for customer service and they emailed me the info to ship for replacement


I just bought a new defender II small duffel bag and am trying to activate the lifetime warranty. Can you please assist me as to what website I go to to get this done. Thank you.

I am trying to activate my lifetime warranty on my adidas backpack, it says to go to this site I believe to redeem it’s uses, please help me, the customer go through this process

Addidas customer relations America has directed me to contact you for resolution of my concern about this product. (incident; 150522-004614)

On march 29 I purchased 8 pair of your climacool boxer briefs, it was my first purchase from your company. I had the stitching fail at the waist band on one pair already, I sincerely hope that I can expect better durability out of the rest.

My son came home with a rip in his backpack by the zipper. Sent in for replacement (need to pay for postage) and they sent a new one to us within ten days.

Dear sir,

I have a Cole Backpack that has ripped and wish to have it replaced or fixed under warranty. What are the steps that I need to follow to complete this request? I do have the original warranty card and price tag from the product.

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