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How to Contact Allstate Motor Club Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-869-7997 association with this company:

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  1. I called allstate for a tow. They sent a service provider who towed My car to a wrong address. When I called the tow company to tell me where my car was, they were rude and arrogant to me. I had to involve police officers to handle them. It took the police 5 mins to locate my car. Thanks to police. Allstate should know that I hired them not the tow truck

  2. Today is the first time I ever had to use my roadside service and let me tell you, it was the most frustrating time I have had in a long time. The person I talked to barely spoke English. She couldnt understand what I was telling her. When she finally understood me, she told me a tow truck would be there in 17 minutes. After 45 minutes I called the garage that she said she called, THEY DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING I WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! She never called them and thier towtruck driver was 1 and 1 half hour away. I called roadside service again and told this lady what the garage told me and she said ” that doesnt surprise me.”Long story short, we found someone on our own to help us after we waited over 2hrs for your roadside service. Needless to say , I will no longer be needing your service! We are going back to AAA.

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